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Well this week I finally hit my breaking point. I think for so many weeks I had been pulling it together for my family and my self-care was seriously suffering. I went on a long walk and let all of the tears flow. Which felt so good! Gosh self-care is so huge and can be so many things! From a long walk with your earbuds in to the steamiest shower possible… a luxurious at home facial or manicure, afternoon dance party, a glass of wine while reading an escape of a novel or just going to bed early. I asked over on Instagram this week what self-care rituals were keeping you sane during this time and some of your responses made me laugh so hard (cry too!). Some favorites were: a beer in the bathtub, running (away! from your family, haha!), coffee or a glass of wine while reading in your parked car in front of your house, earbuds in while grocery shopping, diffusing essential oils while lounging in your robe, splurging on new candles to set a calming mood around your house, meditation and movement everyday. Also loved that some of you are already planning spa escapes after all of this is over (the husbands don’t know it yet but we all deserve it!!). I mean, honestly just anything to look forward to is getting me through this.

So here are some links for your weekend… some of my lounge essentials, fun reads and mood-boosting shows. xx

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6 New Novels To Add To Your Reading List

Net-A-Porter posted this reading list and I’m eager to pick up a few of these reads.

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Documentary: Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold

In an intimate profile directed by her nephew, the actor and producer Griffin Dunne, on literary figure Joan Didion contemplates the professional triumphs and personal struggles she has experienced. Came out about 3 years ago (I have yet to watch) but my girlfriend mentioned she could watch over and over again because it’s so interesting and well done. So it’s on my to-do list this weekend: Documentary on Joan Didion.
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Where to Order Your Favorite Pantry Staples Online

Have we all turned into quarantine chefs yet? Bon Apetit shares where to order your favorite pantry staples online. Love that Rancho Llano Seco made the list (from my hometown).


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8 Feel Good Movies To Watch This Weekend

Vogue—Comforting classic movie reference list by Nancy Meyers (There are so many on this list I’ve never seen!).

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Getting Dressed Is A Mood Boost In-Itself

I didn’t get dressed for a couple of days there and it had such an effect on me! Loved this cute feature on how four fashion insiders are staying creative while staying home. Also, Margherita Cardelli, co-founder of Giuliva Heritage Collection, makes me want to take a stab at homemade gnocchi next.


“It’s a simple thing that sounds a bit shallow, because in a crisis like this it feels like clothes are the last thing you want to think about, but I do think dressing up can change your mood, even just a tiny bit.”

Ditte Reffstrup, Ganni’s creative director, on… the joy of dressing up
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Sister Katie Lounge Pants

I’ve been living in these Sister Katie pants. Honestly wearing them to bed, on walks and everything in-between. So comfy and feel chic but like you’re in pjs at the same time. They’re 100% cotton, designed in SF / NYC and ethically made.

She’s also hosting a Shibori inspired tie-dye tutorial on IG Live next Saturday, 4/25! So you can get a dye kit from her if you order a pair… also feel free to use code: ALICIA15 for 15% off.

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Celebrity I.O.U with Brad Pitt

After a few girlfriends recommended I bought this episode on Amazon for a feel good moment and it was just that. Made me smile so big and love on Brad. Such a sweet makeover… Brad Pitt turns his makeup artist (of 30 years)’s detached garage into her dream guest suite.

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Diffusing Nightly Essential Oils

Diffusing nightly essential oils really takes your bedroom up a notch! This is something I didn’t realize I would have wanted until I got one and I find it to be so luxurious. The smell and sound–very at-home-spa-like. This is the diffuser I have and love.

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For some reason I don’t like buying workout clothes / new running shoes. It just doesn’t feel like an area I like to splurge on. I wear old tees and am cool with that. But I just splurged on new fun running shoes after this quarantine life has inspired me to go for daily runs again. Love the color! Also, they’re made from recycled bottles!

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Pillow Swap and a Clean House

There’s nothing like a clean house to give you that mood boost as you head into the weekend. Our home has hit a level of destruction / dirtiness like no-other–so just taking the time to do a deep clean recently made all the difference. Swapping out our pillows (love!) and adding lighter weight blankets to the beds now that the weather has warmed up.

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