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A few of my end of the year, winter favorites I’ve been loving lately–to inspire and cozy up with! x

Wearing | G.Label Sweater. Khaite Jeans.
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Coffee Table Book Read | Interior Portraits

My latest coffee table book obsession from Leslie Williamson.  Interior Portraits: At Home with Cultural Pioneers and Creative Mavericks, A California Design Pilgrimage takes you through the interiors, work spaces and homes of some of California’s most famous creative trailblazers.

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Recipe | Homemade Pasta

My grandma gave me her Kitchenaid pasta roller and cutting attachments over the holidays and Rex and I put them to use this past week making homemade pasta. There’s nothing more mouthwatering. The first night I simply drizzled it with Cobram Estate’s first harvest EVOO with a little salt and pepper. Simple and yet always my favorite. And the second night we defrosted some of my Nana’s pesto and that was super delicious too!

Pasta Dough Recipe |

2 cups of flour
2 eggs
2 tbsp EVOO
1 tsp salt

blend until a corn meal consistency and add 4/5 tbsps of cold water to make a dough ball

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Watch | Call Me By Your Name

I finally watched Call Me By Your Name (it’s been on my must-watch list for some time now) and oh my goodness I just LOVED it. I have the book as well so I’ll be jumping into that next. [Why do I keep watching the movies before the books?] But the cinematography, setting in Northern Italy, house, acting–it was exactly the film I was craving. Watch when you’re also craving something artsy and an Italian escape!

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Skincare | For that Winter Glow

Have I told you about my love for these Glycolic Overnight Peels from Goop? I’ve been using one or two a week and that along with the Goop Glow Microderm Instant Exfoliator… I swear by this combination for winter exfoliation and glow. Also, I’ve shared it before but I’ll share again: The Rich Cream. Winter glow, I promise!

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Cozy-Up | Weighted Blanket

My weighted blanket is filed under items that I’d read about or a friend would share and I’d think oh that sounds nice… but never bought one for myself. Then when gifted one I realized how lovely and comforting they are and now I’m singing my Bearaby blankets praise to everyone. I have the Cotton Napper in Cloud White, and I love this one especially because it’s so aesthetically pleasing to have around and goes with the decor of our home.

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