5 Sweet Baby Girl Clothing Lines I’ve Discovered

Okay so it’s totally true, baby girl clothes shopping is way more fun and five times as dangerous as baby boy shopping.  Don’t get me wrong, I really love choosing pieces for Rex… and so far it really has kept me out of trouble.  (Well besides a splurging mommy-and-me matching sneaker situation as of just recently!).  But Rex has been easy.  I mainly go for Zara and Target basics and I stick to a neutral color palette so everything I buy can be easily mix-and-matched.  I like to support smaller brands and labels so I’ll pick up a special piece here or there for each season but since Rex is so hard on his clothes it’s also harder to justify at times.  Now for baby girl things I can easily see myself going down a slippery slope of wanting everything because it’s all just so darling.  So far I’ve been good because I know how quickly they grow!  But here are a few of the smaller labels I’ve bought a few pieces for her from…


Soor Ploom–my absolute favorite onesies for baby girl are from this sweet made in Brooklyn label.  The dainty flowers are almost old fashioned looking!  Sadly sold out now as they don’t have large quantities in stock but I have my eye on a number of their dresses!

Quincy Mae–I love their muted neutral palette and this line is another favorite for their kimono onesies– as I learned my first time around with Rex the kimono styles are the easiest to put on a newborn.

Bonpoint–my girlfriend Sam (Could I Have That?) turned me onto this sweet Parisian line years ago when she had her little girl.  I’ve crushed on it ever since.  The dresses are a pretty penny and almost hard to justify but while in Paris this past January I just had to spring for a few.  I think I made Tanner go into practically every Bonpoint in the entire city.

Jamie Kay–I stumbled upon this one while going down an Instagram rabbit hole one day and have been crushing hard on these sweet playsuits.

Bon Ton–another sweet Parisian label that is pricey but oh so cute!  Like these overalls!

5 Sweet Baby Girl Lines I've Discovered

Rex helping me wash and prep for baby girl’s arrival!


Additional smaller brand favorites for both boys and girls:

Rylee + Cru–super cute prints and I recently just bought the an adorable one-piece swimsuit for baby girl from their summer collection.

Minnow Swim + Marysia Swim Bumby Collection–both labels have the cutest kids swimwear as well!

Roux–I love their solid and neutral color palette.  Great for basics!  I first discovered over on my friend Maia’s site, Bitte.

Meri Meri–for the most adorable rattles!  Decor and party supplies.

Gray Label–this was my favorite basics line when Rex was a baby.  I think I splurged on some basics in the first year and then quickly moved into Zara territory once I realized how quickly he grew… ha.

5 Sweet Baby Girl Lines I've Discovered

Meri Meri Rattle + Soor Ploom Onesies.


And the stores I love to shop for those special pieces:




Noble Carriage


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