The First Few Months With Two Babes

Our Willow girl is a little over three months old and as much as I’ve slowed down this summer to soak up all of those newborn moments and snuggles it still goes by too gosh darn fast!  Doesn’t it?!  And whenever I catch myself thinking or saying, “I can’t wait until she’s sleeping through the night” or “to sit up on her own” or “be able to play with Rex” etc., I just have to remind myself, live in the moment Alicia, because this newborn stage might be your last to experience.  (Tear!).

On Going from One to Two:

We’ve found the jump from one baby to two to be pretty seamless.  Of course there’s the early days of sleep deprivation and figuring out your new juggle with two tiny humans, but for the most part–knocking on wood as I type this–things are going better than we could have hoped.  (Honestly we lucked out because she’s a super easy baby.)  I’ve heard varying things like going from 0 to 1 to be rather eye opening for some parents (I would agree, your routine is totally different), 1 to 2 to be a breeze because you know what to expect (and the newborn stage isn’t as filled with as many unknowns)… and 2 to 3 to be: oh my gosh what were we thinking?!!  Of course this totally depends on the baby / various dynamics and thankfully, we’ve lucked out with a chill little girl but Rex has been our more difficult one these days.  He’s still figuring out his place now that she’s sticking around.  So many 2 1/2 year old emotions to work through as he navigates his new role as a big brother (not an only child anymore).

We’re still working through how to best handle his changing emotions as we get through this phase, but for the most part, he is so in love with his sister and she’s the first one he wants to see and kiss(!) in the morning.  We did start him in preschool so he’s going two mornings a week now which we started around the time she was born.  It was a transition for him but this has been so amazing for his social development already.  We’re also trying to make Rex feel super special by giving him plenty of one on one dates and planning fun family summer outings for alll of us.

Any other thoughts on how to deal with older siblings adjusting to new siblings?

(Rex has really nailed his sunscreen application abilities, ha!)

On Two Babes in Diapers: 

I always wanted my babies to be super close in age.  Originally I wanted them to be under two years apart, but when that time frame came up I felt like I had finally just gotten my life back into my own swing of things (I was done with breastfeeding, yay!) and wasn’t quite ready to be pregnant again.  The two and a half age gap seems ideal now for us although I hadn’t quite anticipated two in diapers.  We had also wanted to potty train Rex before Willow was born but that didn’t go so well.  We’ve slowly been easing into it over the past couple of months and I know we are super close but I’m guessing he won’t be fully potty trained until closer to age three.  And honestly I really don’t mind two in diapers at least we haven’t had to deal with the middle of the night accidents yet.

You know Pampers Pure is our diaper and wipe brand of choice.  I’ve tested all of the diaper brands out there and have partnered with them since their launch (a little over a year ago now) and it’s the only brand I feel really good about putting on both of my babes.  Let alone that precious newborn skin (I even brought newborn Pampers Pure diapers to the hospital when I had Willow).  You can read more about why I love Pampers Pure here… but despite being the best option out there with ingredients that matter to me (free of fragrances, lotions, and chlorine bleaching) they offer unbeatable skin care and dryness really fit best (size-wise and comfort-wise) on both Rex and Willow.  I really can’t rave about them enough.

(Pampers Pure also recently launched new adorable prints which I’ll be sharing with you shortly as well.)

On Slowing Down to Appreciate this Time: 

I’ve been taking things super slow over here this summer as you may have noticed by my absence on the blog.  Thank you for this!  I really wanted to soak up this summer and just be a mom because this newborn phase and first few years really is so fleeting. I didn’t take any time for myself after Rex was born and I really regretted it.  In one way blogging seems easy to do on the side while your babies are sleeping, but now with two they’re not always sleeping at the same time and I just realized I would be running myself ragged.  Plus I really try to be a present mom when I’m with them… and a patient, fun mom so I need my rest too for that!  I’m also trying to take better care of myself this time around so I can avoid, if at all possible, any postpartum blues.  So far, focusing more on my own wellness, asking for help and moving slowly with my babies has been the very best thing for me.

Elevating the Everyday: 

Because I’m spending so much time at home there are a few things I do to make myself happier–just little things for myself and what I call “elevating the everyday”… so I personally don’t go crazy.  I need to do creative things on the regular to feed that side of me and of course love taking photos of Rex and Willow.  It’s amazing how much better I feel after having the camera in my hands again.  I also love putting together late afternoon picnics and surprising Rex with fun snacks when he wakes up.  Whether it’s setting up a special art project to do together or a pretty cracker and fruit plate, it’s really more for me than him but he gets excited to see what I’ve put together while he was sleeping.  Backyard happy hours, trying new recipes, inviting friends over, painting in the sunshine or gardening all feed my creative needs.  And this is the first summer I haven’t had FOMO (fear of missing out) once… because really there’s no where I’d rather be this summer than my own backyard hanging with these two.

Side note:  You quickly realize that toddler diapers are ginormous compared to the newborn ones!!!

Our New Schedule with Two: 

I’ve never been a routine person so I really had to force myself into some kind of a schedule with Rex.  And now if Rex gets off his schedule for a few days we really notice it (i.e.: after traveling and when I’m spontaneous fun mom and think he can hang without a nap and stay up late with us!).  We started transitioning him into an earlier bedtime when he started school and have quickly realized we need to make it even earlier.  The new schedule we’re really trying for these days is for Rex to be in bed between 7 and 7:30pm.  It allows us to eat dinner together after he’s gone to bed and to also give Willow some quality attention.  Then we’re trying to put her down for the night between 9 / 10pm.  They’re both typically waking up around 7am… which honestly is glorious.  The going to bed earlier routine is very hard for us because Tanner usually gets home from work around 7pm and he always gets Rex wound up.  Oh dads!  But on the nights we make it work I really feel like we’re winning at life… haha.  And then personally I’m trying to get up around 5am to give myself some “me time” before they both wake up.  Some days it’s extra hard to do but when I get that time to myself I feel so much better.

Such a goof.  (And that’s fudgesicle he’s covered in head-to-toe.)

Thank you to Pampers Pure for partnering on this post!

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