rex moss lund newborn photos

Navigating the First Month + Half With Baby

I’ve been sharing a sprinkling of photos from our newborn session with my girlfriend Susan but wanted to share some of my most favorite captures. Rex was just a few days shy of 3 weeks when we finally had these snapped, and it’s crazy how much he’s grown in the weeks since (his face and belly have filled out so much more and he’s gaining those cuddly baby rolls!).  We have a lot of blank walls that are just begging to be filled with Rex memories and since he’s all I want to photograph these days that sure won’t be a problem!

As far as the first month and a half goes, it’s been equal parts obsessed and equal parts “oh my gosh how do people do this?”  We’ve had our exhausted 2am “can we hit return” moments, although as soon as I see his sweet crying face I go into mama bear mode and somehow the sleep deprivation doesn’t matter.

rex moss lund newborn photos

Thinking back on that first night we came home from the hospital makes me giggle.  We were so confident and yet as soon as we climbed into bed and couldn’t see Rex we were beyond scared.  “Is he breathing?”  “What do you think that cry means?”  We even contemplated sleeping with the lights on.  Thankfully we’re not freightened of any hour between 10pm-5am anymore, and while we still have a lot to learn, we’ve got a much better understanding of our sweet boy’s cries.

Our first month saviors?  1) Owlet.  My in-laws gifted us the Owlet and I couldn’t recommend it enough to first time parents.  It’s eased all of our night-time worries knowing this sock-like device tracks his heart rate and oxygen levels.  2) A swing.  I tried avoiding as many baby contraptions and gadgets as possible but boy am I now singing a different tune.  I’ve quickly learned all of these contraptions are amazing for getting anything done–that shower, cooking dinner, folding laundry etc. and  3) A wrap.  Rex loves to be constantly held so wearing him in a wrap has been the best for getting anything done around the house / running errands and getting some fresh air.  He sleeps the longest in the wrap, making lunch dates with girlfriends and walks to coffee possible.  Our favorite is the Solly wrap.

Two additional faves:  4) the Dock-a-Tot.  A few friends talked me into this purchase and originally I wasn’t sold.  But now I’ve quickly realized how nice it is to keep this in the family room so Rex can take any afternoon naps or spend some hang time with us on the couch.  It’s been especially great for when he’s sleeping and we’re binge watching one of our shows. (Which btw, we just finished ‘The Man in the High Castle’–so good!).  5) stroller use around the house.   My girlfriend made fun of me, but I think it’s rather genius. This way I’m able to easily roll Rex from room to room as I go about my afternoon–from the computer to the kitchen, etc.–while he naps.

rex moss lund newborn photos rex moss lund newborn photosrex moss lund newborn photos rex moss lund newborn photos rex moss lund newborn photos

My Nana had this sweet wooden cradle made years ago–I just found a photo of me in it as a newborn over the holidays.

rex moss lund newborn photosrex moss lund newborn photosrex moss lund newborn photos rex moss lund newborn photos rex moss lund newborn photosrex moss lund newborn photos

** And congrats to the winner of the Petit Pehr giveaway!–So happy for you and your new baby Scarlett!, please email me at [email protected]

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