Motherhood Notes | On Breastfeeding Style, Nursery Update and More

Sharing a bit of a motherhood series here in partnership with Pampers Pure as I’m in the thick of baby-world and loving every minute of it!  If you missed it, I shared an update on how life with two babes is going for us and having two in diapers (which, actually is not as terrible as it sounds in the least bit).  Some Pampers Pure news, a note on breastfeeding style, transitioning Rex into a big boy bed, a bit of a nursery update and thoughts on will this really be my last baby?


On Breastfeeding Style  |  I’ve been getting a bunch of requests for a breastfeeding style post but honestly I’ve been putting it off because in my mind it’s not very exciting.  I’m just spending my days in a rotation of tees / sweatshirts, lots of denim, button-ups or any kind of wrap top or dress with easy ties.  Around the house I live in tees and when heading out whatever you see on the blog is really what I’m wearing.  Like this Dôen blouse pictured here.  Speaking of, Dôen is hands down my favorite brand for stylish pregnancy and maternity items.  Another pregnancy / maternity brand fave of so many is: Hatch and while I love their style I’ve found it to run big for me.  I tried to only purchase items throughout my pregnancy that I’d be able to wear again and the same goes for these months of non-stop boobs out. Honestly, don’t spend a lot during this time because you’re going to want to burn it all after living in the same few pieces for months on end.  I am trying to get by on the couple of nursing bras I still have from when I was nursing Rex and cannot wait to toss them after Willow.  All of that said, I do think its important to feel good about what you’re wearing and so here are some fave finds around the web right now that are stylish and nursing friendly.

Additional brand faves:  Everlane and The Great (for tees and sweatshirts) + Apiece Apart and Dôen for special pieces to make you feel your best + Citizens of Humanity and AGOLDE for jumpsuits and denim.

Nursery Update |  Things have felt a little like we’re in limbo as Willow is in our room and Rex is still in the crib in what I’ve started decorating as now “Willow’s nursery.”  And so poor Rex, his things are kind of all over the place but he doesn’t seem to be phased by the baby stuff taking over his room one bit.  I asked on IG stories for any advice on transitioning a toddler from their crib into a bed and got so much great advice!  I was honestly just curious and couldn’t believe the overwhelming responses (definitely a hot mom topic, ha!).  The majority of you said to wait as long as possible but I’d like to move Willow out of our bedroom this fall so we’re going to put off the move until closer to his third birthday in November.  I’m going to link some of the items you mentioned here (like a baby rail for the bed)–this alarm clock / sound machine / nightlight in one that tells them when it’s time to get up and a door monkey latch which keeps them from coming into your room.

Again, my thought is to just ease him into this transition so things go smoothly.  We’ve been reading on his big boy bed everyday before naps and bedtime and making a big deal about decorating his new room (which I’ll share soon).  He’s had so much fun picking out the decor.

New with Pampers  | Pampers Pure has always had my fave muted designs when it comes to diapers and recently launched a whole bunch of new cute prints with the creative eye of Chrissy Teigen.  You’ll now find milk & cookies (a personal fave) and avocado toast diapers (ha, of course) just to name a few.  Super cute!


Is this your last baby?  |  I never thought I would be such a baby person until I had my own.  So much so that Willow’s hair looks greasy 99% of the time because I can’t stop touching and kissing her.  I want to eat those rolls up!!  So that said, a little part of me wants to hold the option open for more babies down the road… the other part of me knows more babes is a very slim probability for us (that is, if Tanner’s vote counts? ha! he is more like “no way”).  Funny how even if you have a difficult pregnancy, birth, or newborn… your brain tricks you in a couple of years making you want another one!  I’m just trying to soak up and snuggle Willow as much as I can right now while reminding myself of all the fun yet to come.  Hard to choose a favorite age isn’t it?  I often say 1-2 was the sweetest… those first words!  But then now that Rex can communicate with us more, I mean it really does keep getting better and better!


Thank you to Pampers Pure for partnering on this series!  * Also these were taken a couple of months ago now and Willow is so small here!

Photography  |  Ashley Maxwell

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