My top baby registry items...

My Top Baby Registry Items

Okay you asked for it–my top baby registry items.  I know every mom becomes quite particular and different gear works for different lifestyles / babies… but after hearing from some of my girlfriends on baby number one that they just wished someone would tell them exactly what to register for… (I totally hear you there) this is my list.  I was that girl who just asked my friends what the heck I needed the first time around too.  I didn’t care to do any of the research and wasn’t excited about any of the baby gadgets.  I wanted the bare minimum if possible, and honestly even if you have the same thought as me you’ll still end up with way too much.  Truly all you absolutely need to figure out before the baby arrives is where they’re going to sleep, how you’ll transport them (carseat), and you’ll need some clothes and tons of diapers.  You can figure out any of the rest of this list as you go.  That said, if you are going to have a baby shower you might as well get as many of those big ticket items for free.

So my top baby items are listed below and then I also made an Amazon List for you here that I thought might be helpful with additional small items I love.


Getting Around–Carseat + Strollers:

UPPABaby Vista  |  I actually have both the Vista (which I originally registered for and my mom bought us and is great for add on’s if you plan to have multiple babies), and a Cruz which is a bit smaller.  You don’t need both.  I was gifted the Cruz from UPPABaby which has been handy to keep in my car and then I keep the Vista in our house and take it out on daily walks.  I like to have a stroller in my car at all times so I can easily pop the carseat (and adapter) into the stroller and go when I’m running errands.  It’s nice to have a smaller stroller to keep in the car but if you’re living in a super-walking city then this wouldn’t be necessary at all.  It all just depends on your lifestyle.

Pockit Stroller  |  This is my favorite pop-up stroller for traveling.  It folds down into about a foot by a foot size and weighs under ten pounds so it’s super lightweight for traveling.  (It’s best for after the infant stage though.).  Also a great size to keep in your car.

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Carseat  |  We have the carseat that I think most people have.  I had girlfriends recommend it and just said great, done.  Snaps into the base of the UPPABaby stroller with this adapter.


Where will they sleep:

SNOO  |  I’m singing the SNOO’s praises now that we’ve had Willow and she’s such an amazing sleeper.  I didn’t think this mega-purchase would be worth the price but honestly it is.  Such a game changer, although I really can’t tell if it’s her or the SNOO.  Might be a combination of her just being a great sleeper / chill baby in general BUT if you can put a price on sleep this is it.  And what I can say is having one baby without the SNOO and one with the SNOO and I’ve gotten a whole lot more sleep this time around.  The SNOO’s also seem to really hold their resale value well if you decide to buy and you can now rent them as well.  Plus I love the soft white noise it makes.  I’m really going to be sad when we are through with it.

Oeuf Sparrow Crib  |  I think the crib was my favorite and first baby purchase.  I fell hard for this Oeuf one and just went for it.  I know it’s pricey but I figured it would get lots of love going through both of our babies over the years.  And Rex actually still sleeps in it but we will be transitioning them both shortly (Willow in and Rex out).  I debated between the birch color or the darker wood–love them both.

Swaddles + Blankets  |  Register for a bunch of blankets and burp clothes (this is what you’ll need the most of–that is if you don’t want to constantly be doing laundry).  There are so many great brands–these from Roux are some of my favorites.  I also really love the prints from Pehr.  I had so many from Rex that I didn’t buy any new blankets for Willow.  And we didn’t have a great swaddle for when I had Rex but this is the one I use and love now with Willow.  It’s super easy to figure out!

Onesies  |  Just putting this one here as well as I’m sure you know to register for clothes but honestly you won’t want to get too many “looks.”  I think first time moms get very excited about the clothes but really as newborns the easiest thing to change them in and out of are a kimono style onesie (one of my faves).  I highly recommend picking up just a few of those in the newborn size.  Having Willow during the super hot summer months meant I actually kept her in just a diaper (sans clothes) a whole heck of a lot more than she was dressed so it was actually a bummer because she didn’t spend too much time in the cute 1-3 dresses I had for her.

Sound Machines  |  We have this sound machine next to Rex’s crib and then we also have a portable sound machine that I just keep in his suitcase so we always have it ready to go when we travel.  This is a newer portable one that we don’t own but a few friends own and it’s smaller and seems awesome for bringing on the go / napping on the go.

Pack N Play  |  If you travel a lot you will definitely want a pack n play.  If you’re going to hotels you can usually just call ahead and have a crib put in the room but if you’re heading to friends or relatives it’s nice to bring along your own pack n play.  Both sets of grandparents ended up buying them so now we don’t have to travel with them when going to visit (just one less thing which is so nice!).



Stokke Tripp Trapp High-Chair  |  May seem far off but they’ll start eating before you know it.  This is the highchair we have and love.  I think you’ll really love it too if you care about design.  I like that this one blends in with our dining set and I never have to hide it when we have parties or friends over.  It also transitions into a toddler chair.  I thought about buying a second one for Willow but I think by the time she’s ready for it Rex will be able to sit in a regular chair at the table (maybe with a pillow underneath him).

* when it comes to actually eating, Bitte has a lot of cute bibs and plates.  I transitioned Rex into eating off real plates and using real cups early on and I think this has helped him take better care of our dishes and things in general.  He ‘s always asking me if he can drink milk out of “breakable glasses.”


What about that play gear?

Okay so I’m in the camp of less is more when it comes to the play-gyms, activity mats, swings and gadgets as  a) I just didn’t want to see that stuff around my house but also  b) you really don’t know what might work best for your baby until they’re here.  We were gifted a few of these things at my shower (like a bouncer) that Rex never liked and just went unused.  I think you can get a few of these things but maybe wait to see what type of baby you have (ie: I know so many moms rave about swings–I’ve never owned one but maybe it’s a miracle worker for your baby).  Basically if any of these will help your sanity then go for it!  For me, what helps my sanity is less of these things around.  Ha!  I also just set up my own “play mat” situation with a blanket and soft or wooden toys around Willow.  Does the trick.  You don’t need a bunch of extra gadgets.  Also just keep in mind what one mom might rave about may just not work for your baby.  Take every recommendation with the thought that your baby might not necessarily be into it.


Wear them!  Baby wraps! 

You know I love my baby wraps.  I have and love SollyBaby Wraps for the newborn and first few months especially.  I will say it made me a little sad that I didn’t wear Willow as much as I wore Rex though in those first few months.  Mainly because she was a summer baby and it was just so gosh darn hot.  There was something just so snuggly about bundling up with a winter baby.  Besides SollyBaby, as they get bigger, WildBird Sling is my fave for an easier on-the-go option (also the chicer option if you have a meeting or are going out to dinner) as well as the BabyBjorn 360 (great for traveling).  If you’re really going for it… this Japenese denim carrier is my current obsession.   Also, SakuraBloom makes really cute and stylish carriers.  Again you only really need one.


Love that Willow is wearing a dress that I wore as a baby.

Blanket  |. Dana Haim Textiles

Photography |  Susan Yee

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