Rex’s Science Experiment | Pampers Pure vs. Honest Diaper Challenge

Thank you to Pampers Pure for supporting this sponsored post and for making a product I 100% trust.


When I was a pregnant, I researched various gadgets extensively (safest car seat, strollers, cribs etc.) that we may want to get, but I don’t remember ever putting much research into arguably the most important baby purchase you’ll make: the diapers that touch your sweet baby’s skin.  Originally I signed up for the Honest diapers shipment because at the time I knew they were a great better-for-baby option, and as a new mom, their monthly subscription in which I didn’t have to think about going out to buy diapers sounded like the best option for me.  That’s about all the thought I put into it.  Ultimately, the Honest diaper fit wasn’t quite right for Rex so we ended up switching around a bunch after a couple of months, trying practically every diaper available.  Pampers was our favorite by far but I still wanted a more “clean” option, so it wasn’t until they came out with Pure that I finally felt really good about what I was putting on Rex.

As a reminder or for those who don’t know, Pampers Pure is made without chlorine bleaching, fragrances, parabens, latex (natural rubber), and the 26 allergens identified by the European Union.  Also their Pampers Pure Aqua Wipes are made with 99% pure water and a touch of premium cotton and are designed to help maintain the natural pH of a baby’s delicate skin.

Flash forward, you know we’re big Pampers Pure fans over here but to really show you how great these diapers perform, Rex and I took on a bit of a challenge to show you the performance powers of Pampers Pure versus Honest.  I remember watching this little demo when I flew back to P&G’s headquarters last year to meet with the Pampers Pure team and learn all about the product pre-launch.  All of the other moms and I were totally nerd-ing out on this one and shocked at the absorbency and the lack thereof from the Honest diaper.  It really shows you how good you can feel about that liquid not sitting on your baby’s skin (when in the Pampers Pure diapers).

So here’s the test we performed  |

2 diapers the exact same size (Rex’s size 4)–one Honest on the left, and one Pure on the right

2 cups of water with blue food coloring so you could see where we poured the liquid on the diaper

After 30 seconds, we applied pressure to the diapers with paper towels to show which diaper absorbed the liquid best during that time frame

Honest (left),  Pampers Pure (right)

Rex was mesmerized when I dropped the food coloring into the water.  I told him we were doing a science experiment and he kept repeating “science experiment!”… it was pretty cute.


30 seconds later my assistant helped me apply pressure to the diapers.

Honest (left),  Pampers Pure (right)

Pampers Pure (left),  Honest (right)

Results after 30 seconds  |  Shows how quickly the fluid is absorbed in the Pampers Pure diapers which means it’s off your babies skin in seconds.  I mean that’s pretty awesome to really know.  The Honest diaper still had a lot of fluid that didn’t absorb, which means that sits on your babies bum that much longer.  Just a quick demo to really prove the performance of the Pampers Pure diapers!


Only the best for this little guy!

Photography | Ashley Maxwell

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