Pregnancy Update | Baby #2

Okay, so if you caught the news on Instagram, then you know we’re doing this baby number two thing!  I was so overwhelmed by all of the sweet comments and love and can’t thank you enough for knowing how to make a pregnant girl feel so good.  I didn’t mean to wait as long as I did without sharing our news (I’ll be 24 weeks/6 months, in a couple of days) but it took me a while to finally come out of the cloud that was the first trimester nausea and what seemed like a never ending cold / flu.  (I annoyingly keep getting sick this pregnancy!)  I was also waiting for my bump to be more obvious so I had something to actually show off, and then I feel like I went from that awkward stage of looking like I had a burrito baby to a six month pregnant belly almost overnight while in Paris.  Which also could have been due to the fact that I definitely let myself indulge on this trip!… as one should in Paris (hello daily croissants!).

T and I keep reminding each other that oh gosh we’re really in for it, ha.  I’m still trying to figure out how anyone juggles more than one kid as I haven’t quite figured out life with a toddler and balancing my work-life situation… but am beyond thrilled to see Rex as a big brother, and I already feel like our family feels more complete.  We told Rex right away, just a few weeks after finding out and I wasn’t sure he was going to get it but he totally seems to understand that there’s a baby in my tummy.  Although sometimes he asks about the baby in Tanner’s tummy too, ha!  We taught him how to say “big brother” and had him announce it to our parent’s that he was going to be a “big brother in May.”  It’s adorable because now out of the blue he’ll just say, “big brother in May!”  We also just found out the gender and surprised our families with the news over the holidays which was so fun!  I’ll be sharing soon here as well… any guesses?  Rex has named the baby “cutie.”

Since my pregnancy journey post from when I was pregnant with Rex is still one of my most popular, I thought I’d do a little update on this pregnancy for those curious…


The First Trimester.  |  Like clockwork, I was super nauseous from day one of week 6 throughout my entire first trimester.  When I was pregnant with Rex, I only remember a few random days that I felt nauseous (nothing carbs couldn’t cure).  But this time around I would constantly stuff my face with crackers and still feel ill.  I was also the most nauseous at night which made sleeping rough, as well as keeping up with the blog because I typically work into the evenings.  I finally got a prescription from my doctor to battle the nausea which definitely helped.  But I couldn’t wait for the fog to be over and was SO excited to hit that second trimester mark.  Another first trimester item of note–you really know you’re pregnant when you find yourself tearing up over the most ridiculous things.  Right?

The Second Trimester.  |  Tanner and I have been joking, “it really is the second child,” because now that I’m in my second trimester and feeling like myself again… most days I totally forget I’m even pregnant.  I rarely remember to check the apps to see what week or size fruit I am… and haven’t been all-consumed with being pregnant in general.  It’s a little sad because I felt like with Rex I really soaked it all up and loved being pregnant.  But this second time around I’m just preoccupied with a toddler.  That said, I’m pretty exhausted by the end of the day and I miss my first pregnancy naps!  I also just remembered that I treated myself to monthly massages when I was pregnant with Rex starting at six months so I think I’m going to get on that again!  It was such a treat.  Oh and I’m really milking this pregnancy now more than I did with Rex… asking Tanner to bring me things and help out more with Rex in the evenings.  Playing the tired pregnancy card works like a charm, wink, wink!  Oh T, he’s a saint.

On Beauty.  |  I have been more thoughtful with my beauty routine over the past couple of years, opting for more and more clean beauty options, but really did a deep dive into my routine and makeup bag this pregnancy.  You can read about some of my fave products here and here.  Body oils continue to be my fave for my growing bump, and this pregnancy I’ve also finally found a natural deodorant I like.

Books and Reading.  |  I was obsessed with reading up on everything pregnancy-wise with Rex but this time around not so much.  I guess because I know the drill?  Again, poor second baby.  I did however order a couple of additional books after realizing I have forgotten what the newborn stage is like but honestly, after browsing through them, I have realized they weren’t necessary purchases.  Although if it’s your first, I would totally recommend these books!

On Diet, Cravings and Excercise. |  What diet?  Yikes this pregnancy I haven’t been as good as I was with Rex.  Since I felt so awful the first trimester I gave into whatever my body was craving.  Now that I’m feeling better I’m back to my usual clean veggie-filled diet that I crave and feel the best when eating (minus Paris of course), but I also have quite the sweet tooth this pregnancy.  Normally I’m a salty girl but this pregnancy I’ve been wanting all of the chocolate and carbs.  I had a bleeding scare with Rex early on which also made me nervous about keeping up with any strenuous exercising this pregnancy.  Thankfully, no scares or bleeding this time around and I’ve been sticking to a very light workout routine of mainly walking and hikes and keeping up with my personal trainer just one day a week.  I want to do more yoga and pilates this trimester though if I can find the time.

On Getting Sick When Pregnant.  |  I don’t remember ever getting sick when I was pregnant with Rex but this time around I’ve had three separate colds that lasted what seemed like forever.  So not fun when you can’t take anything!  I would make these (non-alcoholic) hot toddies on the regular which always made my throat feel better.

On Self-Care.  |  Again I think this second time around I’ve been so preoccupied with Rex that I haven’t been giving myself as much self-care time.  I’d love to try acupuncture this pregnancy as I hear amazing things.  The one thing I have been doing is reading a ton (for pleasure).  It’s really been the best way to unwind at the end of the day.

Everyone’s Doing It.  |  Something super fun about this pregnancy is that a bunch of my girlfriends and cousin are all due around me this spring as well.  We were in Carmel for my cousin’s birthday back in September, and I didn’t want to be the buzz kill so I was of course fake drinking.  As the day went on she admitted she was “fake drinking” and pregnant.  It’s been so fun to be able to text her to see how she’s doing–plus it’s her first, so it’s all just so exciting.

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