TWO! | And A New Tradition of Printed Memories

TWO! | And A New Tradition of Printed Memories

My sweet and silly boy turned TWO this weekend!  And in true two year old fashion I had to bribe him with gummy bears to sit still for a minute to let me snap a quick couple of pics.  If you ask him how old he is now he says: “old.”  (HA).  I spent a good chunk of our Sunday going down memory lane through all of the photos I snapped throughout the year and sent my favorite photos of Rex to get printed.  I’ve decided this is going to be my new tradition, doing a big photo cleanup and actually printing my faves rather than just storing them on my computer or keeping them on my phone.  It felt so good to do this time of year (to clean up my Lightroom and computer too!) and choose a holiday card photo as well.  It’s amazing to look back on the changes from one year to two.  How much they grow and change is amazing!  He wasn’t even walking on his last birthday and now he’s Mr. chatty, and has us laughing non-stop.  This age really is the best, to see how his little mind works, and watch his personality develop has been such a sweet gift!

My go-to site for printing photos is Artifact Uprising.  They’re Everyday Print Set is only $8 dollars for 10 images and I love the way the larger prints turn out.  I had a couple of my faves of Rex blown up in 8 x 10’s to hang in our hallway upstairs and I plan to continue to print and add to the wall over the years.  PLUS since it’s CYBER MONDAY you can get a head start on your holiday print sets and albums (such great gifts!) at 20% off with code GIFTJOY.

TWO! | And A New Tradition of Printed Memories

Additional Birthday Boy Highlights |  Getting to eat cake!  He doesn’t get sweets very often (besides his gummy bear vitamins which he thinks are a real treat and I use on the regular for bribing ;P) so when he took his first bite of chocolate cake his reaction was: “oh boy!”  We were all dying laughing.  Honestly I’m not sure if he’s had cake since his first birthday last year so to watch him enjoy that cake was a highlight for all of us.  He also ran around singing happy birthday to himself all day, “Happy Birthday Rexy Roo” which was just too hilarious.  All in all it was a perfectly low key day just spent with family, and ended with Thai takeout (his request) and a movie.

Something else we did was give him a present a day throughout his birthday week.  I didn’t want him to get too much for his birthday and since he was cooped up due to the air quality for a couple of weeks there, when my Aunt and cousin sent him a gift early I decided to let him open it then.  That started my present a day idea instead of a pile on his birthday, which I think was perfect for this age.  He wasn’t overwhelmed with gifts and I think he loved having a small surprise each day that week.  It was also adorable how excited he was just to receive cards in the mail so just goes to show that at this age they’re really still so easy to please!

TWO! | And A New Tradition of Printed Memories TWO! | And A New Tradition of Printed MemoriesTWO! | And A New Tradition of Printed Memories

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