Rex at 15 Months | What We're Into

Rex 15 Months | What We’re Into

I had a request for a Rex update regarding what we’re into right now… and when looking back I guess I only shared something along those lines when he was two months old.  Oops!  Well as far as motherhood and Rex lately, I feel like this last week I officially lost my baby to toddlerhood.  He went from crawling to walking (a little on the later side at 14 months) but that has quickly turned into running within what seemed like a week span.  He’s my best workout that’s for sure.  If I look away for a minute he’s trying to jump off the couch, is half-way up the stairs, eating saran wrap / my lipstick, digging in the toilet bowl, drinking out of the dog’s water bowl (at a friend’s house)… the list goes on.  So motherhood is keeping me busy!  It really amazes me that he has innately gravitated towards everything stereotypically “boy.”  He wakes up and goes to sleep talking about “cars,” is obsessed with every kind of truck, airplanes / helicopters flying over, trains and motorcycles.  If not watching cars, he wants to go for a ride in his personal-sized Raptor (truck) that we gave him for his birthday back in November.

I was filling out a preschool application the other day (I know?! Feels too soon for that!) and it asked for a description of his personality.  It was one of those heartwarming mama moments and I totally proudly read it off to my husband when he came home.  He is such a sweet boy, super social, funny, chatty to the point that if you’re not talking to him he starts yelling (that part isn’t always cute).  He says hi to everyone wherever we are which is really adorable and is quick to flirt and make friends when we’re waiting in line or at the park.  In fact, probably my most favorite activity to do with him is grocery shopping because he’s just quite the social butterfly, and I love watching him make everyone’s day.  He is spirited, strong willed and definitely knows what he does and doesn’t like and wants.  He definitely has a bit of an attitude when he doesn’t get what he wants.  We’re already seeing hints at what toddler meltdowns we may have coming our way although part of me can’t tell if this is just a frustrating age when they understand more of what’s happening but can’t quite communicate what they want.

Things we’re into:

Green smoothies.  (Rex doesn’t drink milk by itself so I make him a smoothie every morning.  A favorite is: whole milk, banana, avocado, spinach, and sometimes I add dates and yogurt).  I like to make a little extra so he can have it for his afternoon snack or later in the day as well.  Meals and his nutrition are really important to me so even on the days our nanny is here I try to help organize his snacks and lunch so I know what he’s eating.  He’s definitely pickier now so getting him to eat his vegetables is trickier!

Other snacks and easy-on the go options to share:  Cheese cubes, string cheese, any kind of cheese!  Cheerios of course.  Almond butter sandwiches.  Tofu cubes (I actually can’t believe how much he loves tofu).  Cuties.  Grapes and berries.  I try to bring whole food snacks with us when we’re on the go as much as possible rather than those pouches…but when in a pinch!

Saturday mornings at the park and zoo.  Our nanny gave us a zoo pass for his birthday, and he’s obsessed with making the various animal sounds.

Music class.  I signed Rex up for a music class since he loves music in general.  We typically always have music on around the house and in the evenings when my husband gets home from work is a nightly family dance party.

Swim Lessons.  There’s a really adorable swim school here in Sacramento that my girlfriends recommended to me: Little Whales.

Stuffed Animals.  We don’t buy Rex a lot of things.  In fact I think most of his toys are from the grandparents, but the ones we do have he plays with hard.  He’s just recently been super into his stuffed animals and loves his bunny the most.

Word Party.  Okay in a pinch, this show on Netflix.  I hate to put him in front of the TV or recommend that, but we’ve all been there and if I have to take a call or am desperate for 10 minutes this show does the trick.  It’s perfect for his age.

Crawling through couch forts.

Chalk.  We’ve been having fun drawing on the sidewalk and in our driveway.

Stickers.  For some reason stickers are the one thing I can get him to really sit still for a while doing.  He’s obsessed with trying to figure out which side to stick down.

Magnatiles.  Multiple moms recommended these and sure enough they’re another activity this busy boy will sit and play with for awhile.  It’s between that and pulling all of the ziplock bags out of the box and all over the kitchen.

Wooden toys.  This one is more my obsession, but I love splurging on pretty wooden toys.  My favorites are by Grimm’s–the colors are really vibrant and beautiful.

Photography | Ashley Maxwell, edited by me

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