Rex at 6 Months: Mommy and Me Style

Rex is 25 weeks tomorrow which is all kinds of crazy to me.  Honestly it doesn’t feel that long ago that I was pregnant and yet at the same time our little family feels so natural and complete with him in it.  Like he’s been around a lot longer.  My husband and I were even just remarking last night that the newborn / couple month Rex stage feels like an entirely different baby than the little guy we know today.

There’s something about the six month mark, or maybe it’s been since he started eating more solids but he’s totally mellowed out and everything just seems worlds easier.  I don’t have to worry about whether or not he might wake up screaming at the coffee shop as he’s so much more predictable and for the most part, just a chill (active!) happy little dude.  Someone asked me recently if I had him signed up for any classes and my first thought was, “oops am I supposed to be doing XYZ with him?”, but then my response was no, his class is I just take him everywhere!  I really feel like he learns so much just going places with me as he is constantly exposed to new experiences and people.  We’re out and about way more than we are home.  He’s really been my little side kick these past six months, coming along on shoots with me, to San Francisco (sometimes weekly) and Palo Alto for T’s job.  He doesn’t dig the carseat, but once he settles in he is a great little traveler.  I know a lot of families are super regimented with the nap schedule which is something I’ve learned to be better about, but I just make sure he naps on the go.  We’re currently in phase 3 of our home remodel which includes the upstairs section of the house near his bedroom but since he loves white noise, it’s all working in his favor.  The noisier the coffee shop or jackhammering, haha, the better.

Since you’ve been loving the mommy and me style I thought I’d continue for a peek at my mom style and of course most importantly, Rex’s style!

Rex Style |  I can’t get enough of the camo print for Rex.  This onesie sadly sold out already but we also have these shorts for him in both the blue color way and now this one too!  I also think the graphic palm print is so fun for spring / summer.  All are from Joah Love a brand that I’ve discovered and love from Nordstrom.  Additional baby boy faves…

My Mom Style | When I’m home and hanging around the house or running errands around town I can always be found in denim, sneakers and a comfy tee or sweatshirt.  Nothing fussy, and always washable–but of course there has to be a stylish element to it!  Like the sneakers are glittery for that fun element…

And of course I did a little perusing in the baby girls’ section as well.  Oh my goodness so much pink love…


On Me |  The Great Tee.  AMO Jeans.  Golden Goose Sneakers.  ||  On Rex |  Joah Love Onesie (sadly sold out but love these shorts + these too!).  Stem Hoodie.

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!

Photography | Stephanie Russo

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