Rex’s Nursery Reading Nook

Whenever I return from a trip I find myself wanting to pour more love back into our home.  Maybe it’s fresh inspiration, or maybe it’s just that happy to be home feeling.  Of course there’s the unpacking and seemingly never-ending loads of laundry, cleaning and putting things away (for some reason the laundry piles and open suitcases just feel never ending around here).  But after that’s all done I love filling our space with fresh flowers as well as sprucing things up in general.  The latest room to get my whirlwind effect was Rex’s.  It’s been over a year since I shared Rex’s nursery reveal and while not much has actually changed here, I wanted to share the sweet reading nook I created for him at the beginning of this week.  Seeing how much he’s loved reading here just in the past couple of days has been so fun and it’s now nice to have a bunch of cozy pillows to lounge around on as a family!  It’s always by far one of my favorite times of the day.

My friend Ali brought me the most beautiful Moroccan pouf (remember I featured his rug shop here? He has the best Moroccan finds!!) and I spent most of Monday attempting to fill it and find a spot for it.  (By the way, so many of you thought it was a dog bed on Insta Stories! which was pretty funny.)  I originally wanted to keep it in our living room but have been wanting to create a lounge area for reading for a while now in Rex’s room so this seemed perfect.  It’s by far the most colorful room in our house, and I just love how happy it is when you walk in.

Rex's Nursery Reading Nook

A few additions to his room include art work by Rex himself (I might have to get those framed because they’re his first paintings ever and I just love the colors he chose) and the basket that hangs with some of his stuffed bears is from the General Store in San Francisco.  I scoop up a basket or two whenever I’m in town because I just love them so much and they’re great for tossing his toys and books into.

Rex's Nursery Reading Nook

He is obsessed with reading a.k.a looking at the pictures and being read to (even upside down, ha)!

Rex's Nursery Reading Nook Rex's Nursery Reading Nook

A wooden “Alicia” block set I had when I was his age.

Rex's Nursery Reading NookRex's Nursery Reading Nook Rex's Nursery Reading NookRex's Nursery Reading Nook

A rainbow I found at a local store, Miel Apothecary.  It makes me so happy!  I went through a huge rainbow phase this past year when we lost my Uncle and I kept seeing rainbows just going about my day.  They brought me so much comfort during such a painful time.

Rex's Nursery Reading Nook Rex's Nursery Reading Nook Rex's Nursery Reading Nook Rex's Nursery Reading Nook   Rex's Nursery Reading Nook Rex's Nursery Reading Nook Rex's Nursery Reading Nook

** A side note here for my mom friends since I think you may appreciate this… but Rex (the two of us) have been making quite the scene whenever we go places these days.  Which was the case shopping for stuffing for this pouf.  Letting Rex loose in Michael’s while I shopped for stuffing was quite the hilarious scenario (because he doesn’t want to ride in the carts).  I’m quickly realizing what a tricky age this is to go / do anything at with him because the moment I put him down in a store he’s off destroying the displays.  I kid you not, he knocked down every candy bar displayed at the checkout in a matter of a few seconds.  We’re like a tornado when we come into places.  Somedays he’s fine but other days we’re a hot mess.

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