The Highchair We Love

When baby stuff blends in to your home decor so sleek and seamlessly you have to share!  I’ve mentioned my love for our Stokke highchair briefly… but it’s a deep love that deserved it’s very own post.  And so here you go.

When first thinking about highchairs I was very unexcited.  In fact, I put off the purchase for sometime… a few months-ish after Rex had already been eating solids.  I waited until it was painfully annoying feeding him while holding him or sitting on the ground together.  The thing is I knew I wanted a Stokke highchair but I just couldn’t justify the price.  Once it arrived, it was one of those OK, why didn’t we order this months ago?!  Now I can’t rave about it enough.  For starters it blends into our dining-set perfectly.  Which I’ll admit was the main reason I was so adamant about getting this one.  (We have the walnut brown colored chair but they come in a variety of colors along with a variety of seat and cushion options too [we have basic brown]).  I love that the cushions are cotton and machine washable and of course the tray is easy to pop off and wipe up too.   Also there aren’t any weird cracks or places that are hard to clean.  The chair is really easy to put together and adjust (Rex has been growing quickly so we’ve already had to readjust a couple of times).  But perhaps best of all is this chair will grow with him over the years as you can see all of the configurations here.  I’ve heard others say they later transitioned this highchair into their kids’ desk chairs which I think is a great idea.  All in all, we’re big fans over here.

I also love that the straps look like Rex is wearing suspenders.  Which always makes me think–I should get him a pair of overalls!  It’s especially funny when he’s eating in just in diaper… but has these little “suspender” straps on.  Gets me every time.

Meal times around here are quite entertaining.  Rex has a very serious appetite.  He’s pretty much eating whatever we’re having and it’s been so fun to watch his little palette develop.  Everything from Indian food to my mother-in law’s chicken sauteed with capers and plums–he’s all about it.  More recently we did a hummus taste test (Rex and I) with a few hummus tubs I brought home from the farmers market.  I’ve been having fun giving him all of his “first” tastes.  Spicy harissa hummus was both of our faves… (I may have Googled harissa afterwards).

Since he does have such a big appetite and eats 3 meals, 2 snacks a day I feel like I’m already having to meal plan and am getting a glimpse into our future.  Some favorite snacks I always try to have on hand: sweet potatoes (I like to cook a bunch on Sunday to snack on or include in dinners throughout the week), avocados, berries, overnight oats (I make mine with almond milk), and more recently I’ve been making a big batch of apple sauce for the week now that it’s apple season.  Rex especially loves cottage cheese mixed with his apple sauce.  And once I tried his whole milk cottage cheese… oh man that’s good stuff.  I’ve been digging in too.

Any other baby snack ideas?!

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