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If you caught my announcement on Instagram a few weeks back you know how excited I am to finally (officially!) be able share my love for Pamper’s new clean, plant-based line of diapers and wipes: Pampers Pure Collection, with all of you diaper buying moms.  (And the fact that I’ve partnered with them along with an awesome group of moms, including Chrissy Teigen, to help spread the word about this new line!)  I had been looking for a natural diaper alternative for a while after trying all of the brands out there and was thrilled when Pampers came to me last fall with the news that they were working on Pure.  It’s everything I had been wanting and looking for in a diaper brand: the Pampers performance and fit we love (Pampers has always worked and fit Rex the best) but with ingredients that matter to me (free of fragrances, lotions, and chlorine bleaching).  The diapers are super soft and the new designs are really adorable (there’s even a sloth print for babies size 1 & 2!).  As moms, we just want the best for our kids, and I think we can all admit that we may become a little crazy about certain things and anything that touches Rex’s skin is just something I didn’t want to comprise on.  So I’m thrilled to finally have Pure, an option that fits with the clean / non-toxic lifestyle I strive to live and provide for Rex.

You may also remember my mysterious trip to Cincinnati at the end of January.  I flew out to Cincinnati to meet the Pampers team at P&G, including Sarah, the sweet mom and scientist behind Pampers Pure Collection.  This heartwarming video of Sarah’s story with her premie twins in the NICU shares her passion to create the best diapers possible (and also makes me tear up every time!).  I loved hearing her story, connecting with her as a mom on various topics (and over wine!), learning more about the product, and understanding how passionate the Pampers team is about what they do and how hard they worked to create a product they truly believe in.

Going into super dorky mom mode here, but Sarah also took us through some testing on various diaper brands (won’t say any names) but Pure outperformed my expectations.  It was a little eye opening and made me really think twice about everything that touches Rex’s skin.  After two full days of learning and diving in deeper (into the plant-based materials used, what it feels like to actually wear a diaper, and more) than I ever thought I wanted to in the diaper and wipe world (ha!), and having used Pure for a few months now I can honestly say it’s really the best option for us.    

  The wipes are pure water based, super soft, nice and thick, and work like a charm.  Also, since they are 99% water you don’t have to worry about using them on other parts of the body as well (ie: hands, face… they’re safe enough for newborn bottoms, faces etc. too!).  A few moms even mentioned they are using them as makeup wipes.  I like that I now just have one wipe I can use for everything on Rex.

Another aspect I think you’ll also really love about the collection is the new cute and muted designs.  There are a bunch of sweet prints and playful animals and they’re all just really adorable.  While in Cincinnati we had the chance to draw up our own designs for future collections and everyone made fun of mine because I just left my diaper blank.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the new designs are cute but I’m also all for a simple all-white.  So maybe down the road!


You should be able to find Pampers Pure Collection in most stores by now (and they come in all sizes, including newborn), but we’ve been ordering ours through Amazon.

So proud to be partnering with Pampers Pure Collection on this launch!  Thank you to Pampers for supporting this post.

Photography | Ashley Maxwell


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