Willow Elizabeth

Meet our girl, Willow!  Named, Willow Elizabeth (Elizabeth after my mom) and Willow, a name we loved but that as the weeks went on I kept getting signs and a feeling that she was Willow.  In her own sweet way I feel like she named herself.  You can read more about the naming process for us here.

Born on May 15th at 11:34am (the morning after her due date which ironically was about the exact same timetable as Rex–you can read his birth story here).  I went into labor in the early morning (same as with Rex) and we rushed to the hospital right away because my mom and many girlfriends warned me how quickly second babies tend to come.  She didn’t come as quickly as I had originally expected but I’m glad we got to the hospital when we did because I made it just in time to opt in for an epidural.  Her birth was as good as things could possibly go, no complications and an easy recovery.  I had amazing nurses and a doctor with great energy who made the experience that much more special, and everyone in my family made it in time to see her birth–my mom, sister and even my dad.  The moment she came out she looked exactly like Rex, taking me back to his birth.  It was a surreal moment because these past 9 months all I could picture was baby Rex.  It’s all I knew… and then out she came–literally baby Rex, but with a whole head of dark hair, ha!  Over the past two weeks she’s really come into her own little feminine version of him with sweet dainty features… but they definitely look like siblings!

Born  |  8lbs, 2 oz.,  21 inches

I was getting pretty uncomfortable towards the end there but never did I think my 5’1” frame would have an eight pound baby.  (Rex was six pounds. 13 oz)  She is so tiny in my arms and especially next to Rex who is looking SO big next to her that it’s crazy to think he was born almost 1.5 lbs smaller.

Something that’s really been the absolute sweetest is their instant sibling love which has been melting my heart!  When Rex came to the hospital later that afternoon on the 15th he was much more excited about the cars outside of my hospital window than his new sister.  I thought that would be the way things would be for awhile, but as soon as we brought her home he’s been the absolute sweetest.  Giving her kisses, singing to her when she cries, and wanting to check on her first thing when he wakes up in the mornings.

Willow is instantly calm when he touches her and talks to her.  Even his screaming doesn’t phase her.  (Obviously she heard plenty of his tantrums when she was in my belly!).

Basket  |  Design Dua. (similar affordable option).

A girlfriend recommended this basket, and it’s one of the only items I purchased this time around.  Since I knew I’d want to be out back as much as possible with her this summer I thought it would be ideal for afternoon lounging in our yard, etc.  But I also justified the price because I love that it can be used around the house to store toys and whatnot afterwards.

On Her  |  Tane Organics Onesie.  (Another fave baby line that I need to add to this list!)  I especially love the kimono style for newborns.


So thankful you’re finally here girl!


I’m still figuring out our new routine with two (thank goodness for lots of family help and our nanny because T only took a week off work)  but I know we’ll get into a groove soon!  Lots of lazy backyard picnics and summer days like this are in our near future… which makes me so happy.


On Rex  |  Zara Tank + Overalls.

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