A Chic Kitchen Gadgetry Line To Know

I think true adulthood is getting super excited about things like new knives.  [Edit: pretty new knives!]  Even when you cut the heck out of your fingers while trying to chop up a mango (both mine and Rex’s fave!) and you don’t even care because you’re just so impressed with your knives and wondering why you waited as long as you did to get a new set?  Ha.  I recently discovered Material Kitchen and wanted to share the love here as it’s such a chic kitchen gadgetry line to know about.  I’ve become much more intentional about all of my purchases over the years and only want to fill our home with items I truly love.  The same thoughtfulness goes with our kitchen–especially what I have out on display.  And as I get more and more into cooking, I’m slowly going through our kitchen drawers and replacing those items that, as Marie-Kondo would say, “don’t bring me joy” (ie: my broken plastic measuring cups) with pretty everyday items that do.  So if aesthetics and function matter to you as well, Material Kitchen is that perfect blend of both design and quality–making good looking kitchen gadgets for the regular at-home chef like me.

A Chic Kitchen Gadgetry Line To Know

I had been needing new knives for a while now.  My mom would remind me every visit (ha).  But I think it’s a bit overwhelming of a purchase.  Then I heard about Material Kitchen and saw this knife set and thought I’d give them a try.  I was so pleasantly surprised that they were as sharp and great of quality as they are pretty.  Since I’m such a neutrals girl I fell for the cream knives, but they also come in the prettiest soft pink, blue or a classic black.  I also think this fundamentals set would make for a super nice wedding gift.

 A Chic Kitchen Gadgetry Line To Know

[A new scent on the counter  |  Le Labo Verveine 32 – smells like your grandmother’s house in a sweet nostalgic way.]

A Chic Kitchen Gadgetry Line To Know A Chic Kitchen Gadgetry Line To Know

[I love to collect matchsticks on my travels.  Then every time you pull them out they remind you of the those fun memories and spontaneous nights.]

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