Chai Winter Tea Blend

I have long loved to blend my own loose leaf teas. When I’m feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or simply need a pick-me-up or a moment to myself… just the act of making the tea blend itself is one of the small rituals in my day that brings me such a sense of calm. 

One combination I usually mix together is: chai with a black tea. Chai already has black tea in it, and it’s really just personal preference or mood dependent but I’ve long loved a less spicy chai to sip on in the late afternoons. I recently added an orange spice mix that I picked up at our local Sacramento Co-Op and the addition of the added citrus with the chai / black tea combination just smells and tastes so deliciously like the holidays that I had to share! I hope it’s just the calming reset or afternoon pick-me-up you need this week.

Here’s the combination I’ve been mixing together but of course, test, blend and doctor up and brew to your liking::

1/2 cup chai tea

1/2 cup black tea

1/8 cup orange spice tea 

Cinnamon sticks 


Hilariously when attempting to snap these photos to share this recipe with you my kids were running through the kitchen, giggles and chaos, yelling and toys flying. I clearly needed that moment of calm in my day! Ha.

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