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This summer with all of us at home more I’ve really leaned into my love of making tabletops beautiful and dinnertime feel special. From pulling out the special linens and dinnerware to lighting candles and foraging flowers for the table… it truly is a creative process for me that makes me so happy.  I really got into this simple routine last summer when Willow was a newborn.  Just the act of pulling out my favorite dishes and setting up a low-key dinner, al fresco style, outside for my family felt so nice. (I think it’s something about getting out of the house even if you’re just walking into your own backyard).  And during those early-motherhood days taking a shower, putting on a dress and eating off pretty plates just makes the everyday moments feel extra special.  As I think back on the highs and lows of this year–I think we have all agreed that the slowing down has been good for all of us. I’m so appreciative of moments like these, candlelit dinners with Tanner that honestly wouldn’t happen nearly as frequently as they have with a three and one year old (and Rex and Willow aren’t that much fun to eat out at a restaurant with anyway… so honestly it’s much more enjoyable in our own backyard these days so they can run around while we get our own personal date night).

Summer Backyard Collection (Collaboration with Alex Marshall)  |  I had a lightbulb moment when pulling out my serving platters one night that I should create exactly what I was looking for with my friend and talented ceramist, Alex Marshall. (If you missed the tour of Alex’s Studio–click this way!)  I’ve been calling the plates we designed together sunshine for your table during a summer we need a boost the most! I’m so thrilled to see these plates on your summer tables and can’t wait to see how you style them!  I hope they bring you all of the summery joy they’ve brought me.


Backyard Style /

Summer Backyard Collection (Collaboration with Alex Marshall)

Smaller size pictured here (available in a set of 4), large platter (13″) pictured below

Rex helped me personalize the table and placed special rocks and sea shells he has collected in each person’s place. His little voice telling each of us where to sit was just the sweetest!

Set the Table /

Dining set and patio links can all be found in this post from a few summer’s back…

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