(Non-Alcoholic) Hot Toddy Remedy for Colds

I’m not a fan of taking a bunch of medicine when I’m sick.  Instead I try to let my body fight it off by giving myself lots of rest, and plenty of fluids.  I swear by hot showers, working out to sweat it out, cleaning the entire house and washing my sheets.  I always feel like a good deep clean gets rid of all of those germs, or at least I sleep better with clean sheets!  I also swear by this (non-alcoholic) “hot toddy drink” from a local juice shop in town (Sun & Soil) and always stop in for one whenever I feel the slightest hint of something cold-like coming on.  [Side Note: I know a lot of alcoholic hot toddy recipes are popular but I just never feel like alcohol when I’m under the weather so I much prefer this version.  It’s basically your morning hot lemon water just doctored up for cold season.]

This past week I finally made my own version of Sun & Soil’s hot toddy at home because honestly I was too much of a snotty hot mess to drive out to get one, and I’ve been making a daily cup since.  The mix of the vinegar and dash of cayenne pepper burns a little going down, which makes me feel like I’m killing those germs with every sip!  It’s just what I want to drink when I’m under the weather.  I’m now wondering why I didn’t try to make my own sooner.  You can doctor it up however you like, make it sweeter, or cut the apple cider vinegar if you’re not a fan but I really like this combination and hope it keeps the colds away for you this season!

Do you have any natural cold remedy’s you swear by?  This might be my new morning beverage of choice, sick or not.


Recipe ::

1 fresh squeezed lemon
1 cup hot water
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar (I use the kind with honey infused so it gives it a sweetness)
1 tablespoon honey
dash of cayenne pepper to taste

(Non-Alcoholic) Hot Toddy Remedy for Colds (Non-Alcoholic) Hot Toddy Remedy for Colds (Non-Alcoholic) Hot Toddy Remedy for Colds (Non-Alcoholic) Hot Toddy Remedy for Colds (Non-Alcoholic) Hot Toddy Remedy for Colds (Non-Alcoholic) Hot Toddy Remedy for Colds

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