almond chai lattes with the prettiest frozen spice ice cubes

How To Step Up Your Iced Chai Latte Game

3 May

Yesterday marked a very successful foray in almond chai latte making.  This summer-like heatwave (seriously, we’ve skipped right past spring into 90* degree weather these past few days) meant my girlfriend Stephanie and I got creative with our afternoon iced caffeine craving.  I had the idea in the first place to make homemade almondmilk chai lattes (thank you very much!).  They were my college caffeine-jolt of choice and Steph and I both agree that really good chai lattes are hard to come by so why not make them yourself?  But then Steph took things up a fancy notch when she showed up at my house with the frozen spiced ice cubes.  Um, seriously?  So cute.  Obviously we know who doesn’t have a baby at the moment and has time to make cutesy ice.  Girlfriend time in the kitchen, an all-white outfit (that I successfully kept white all day), and plenty of chai… all of the spring feels were happening over here.  So the lesson is: next time you really want to impress your girlfriends serve them chai lattes with fancy spice frozen ice cubes.  You win Steph!

stepped up my iced chai latte game with the prettiest frozen spice ice cubes!

Almond Milk Chai Lattes served in chic Williams Sonoma tumblers  |  Ice Cubes (frozen with peppercorns + star anise).  Half Chai (we prefer our chai on the spicy side rather than sweet).  Half Almond Milk.  Stir.

(Side Note: I’m currently really into Beber Almond Milk which happens to be from my hometown!  They have a bunch of unique flavors but pure is my favorite for this chai drink.  If you’re into sweet try the lavender–so unique!)

iced chai lattes with the prettiest frozen spice ice cubesstepped up my chai latte game with the prettiest frozen spice ice cubes! stepped up my chai latte game with the prettiest frozen spice ice cubes!

The Look |  GBTSO Top.  Rachel Comey Pants (also love these white cropped jeans).  Paul Andrew Slides.

Photography | Stephanie Russo

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