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In 2020, kitchen care basically counts as self-care. The kitchen is where we cook, eat, hang, cram an odd assortment of cans into cupboards (hopefully that part’s over), and turn dining tables into makeshift desks. There have been a LOT of hours logged in this little space over the past few months. We spend so much of our lives in the kitchen and to state the obvious…we have few other places we can go right now, ha.

Perusing beautiful home and kitchen-y things for myself and others has been a bright spot of 2020. Anything we can do to make such an important space feel even more warm and inviting gets a resounding yes from me. Happy gifting and more importantly, let’s look ahead, nourish ourselves and others, and make some merry times.


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The Perfect Little White Napkin

Ahh, simplicity. You can’t go wrong with relaxed white textiles, and the woven detail makes these artisan-made hand-spun napkins feel so special. Their size also makes them appropriate to use as petite hand towels.


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Alicia Lund x Alex Marshall Studios Ceramics Collab

This color combo though! Alicia designed the prettiest pale-hued platter and plates with ceramicist Alex Marshall Studios, who’s based in her hometown of Chico, California. Each minimal, gestural piece is handmade and unique.

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Vintage Bistro Cutlery

I dream of this bistro flatware almost as much as I dream of eating out at an actual bistro, pre-pandemic-style. Kidding. Kind of. The lean handles and subtle contours of this flatware are just so lovely. This one has been on my personal wish list for awhile.

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Ferm Living Fein Tipping Measure In Good Spirits

‘Tis the season for pouring cocktails. Drape this measure over your glass before tipping the ingredients into your beverage and proudly display it in the bar area. Yes it’s functional, but it’s also like jewelry for your drink.

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Dansk Peugeot Pepper Mill

So many treasures to be found while searching through vintage Dansk kitchen items like this Dansk Peugeot Pepper Mill (similar find). Your eyes get to bounce around over all these satisfying sculptural shapes. Some other gems: this little guy, this stout pair, and this tidy set. Try joining the hunt, it’s addictive.


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Marin White Utensil Holder

Crate & Barrel has certain pieces and collections that nail understated, utility kitchen items and the Marin line is one of them. Also, whoever came up with the idea of putting utensils out on display on the counter deserves a pat on the back. It’s cute, convenient and ain’t nobody got drawer space for all those wooden spoons.

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Stanley & Sons Striped Apron

Lots of love for the classic stripe, and especially this layered stripe-on-stripe look with the patterned pockets. The apron is made of denim, so like jeans, you can probably expect it to get even better with age as it softens and fades.


Kitchen Finds |

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Japanese Style Mini Brooms

When brooms are like ancient art. Each mini broom is handmade and composed of dainty, glinty copper wrapped around textured Indian palm. They’d be great for sweeping up the constant parade of crumbs in the kitchen. (We have a toddler.)

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Terrane Glass Co. Modern Snifter

I can only imagine someone super chic holding this angled coupe, swirling it around, and taking in the aroma. Let that lady be you, (or yours). It was crafted by an award-winning glassblower who designs with function and ergonomics in mind.


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Marttini Cabin Chef Chef’s Knife

The buttery-looking matte handle of this knife isn’t just for looks, it was chosen to feel comfortable during use. The knife is multipurpose, so it can be used while camping or in the kitchen, for veggies and meat alike.

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Midcentury Alabaster Compote

Pedestal bowls are basically staples on beautiful tables or buffet-style spreads. Whether this slender midcentury alabaster vessel were overflowing with fruit, cheese and crackers, or foliage, it would lend any tablescape some height and old-world gravitas.

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Eva Solo Nordic Kitchen Stainless Steel Pot

Here I thought I always prefer matte items but this shiny stainless steel pot has me taking it back. The pot is highly versatile. It’s dishwasher-safe, save for the lid due to the wooden knob. Minus the lid, it can even go in the oven. It’s stackable and suitable for all heat sources, including induction.

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Roman & Williams Guild Earthenware Plates

The “it” dish set of the moment. (Yes, that exists.) Curated by famed interiors firm Roman and Williams, these scalloped and dishwasher-safe plates have made appearances on many of our favorite culinary tastemakers’ sites because they’re just that photogenic.

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LSA Ivalo Dome and Ash Base

Just the thing for presenting all those holiday treats or apps. Anytime I see an object from LSA’s “Ivalo” line I’m in. The ashwood, glass, and leather handle detail makes the sweetest combination. It’s a quintessential hostess gift.

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Alessi Todo Cheese Grater

This statement-making grater promises to “produce a full portion of cheese in a single stroke”. I’m not sure how much cheese is technically in one portion but I’m all for anything that makes grating less tedious and more gorgeous.


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