When It’s Too Hot To Cook

Our sweetly slow summer continues!  As does our backyard hangs and evening picnics with the babes and friends… because when it’s too hot to cook this is my ideal dinner and entertaining situation.  Are you tired of seeing our humble little backyard as of late?  Ha!  Throw whatever you have in the fridge on your boards, grab some blankets and activities for the kids.  I especially love dinners outside because this makes for a more enjoyable evening as the kids are contained in our small lawn area so T and I can just enjoy each other’s company.

When It's Too Hot To Cook

A build your own tomato, basil, cheese situation!  (Just add olive oil.)

When It's Too Hot To Cook When It's Too Hot To Cook

The lavender in this cheese makes for the most delicious bites and is oh so pretty!  I’ve been impressing my friends with this find.

When It's Too Hot To Cook

Blankets are from Kechmara Designs (black + white) and St. Frank (pink striped).  Additional lounge essentials I’m loving this summer… and below! 

All of the veggies and fruits in our fridge–all from our local Co-Op or farmers market (both fave spots to go with on outings with Rex to prep for our picnics)!

Serving boards are from Etu Home–which has such a great selection!  I like that these are bigger and yet still super light which make for easy entertaining and I can really pack on the goodies.

Sweetest teddy!  We have a couple of these now from Bitte.  (Made from up-cycled wool sweaters.)

Lately I’ve been branching out of my usual and trying new selections of wines.  My girlfriend currently has me on a Pét-Nat kick–a natural sparkling wine–and I’m not a champagne girl by any means but I’m super into this light and bubbly sip (because it’s not sweet)!  Also thought of as champagne’s cool kid-sister.

* I would also like to note that Rex put together these wild flower arrangements

Pitcher and plates are from Elsie Green (best selection of French and unique finds!!) and glasses are a mix from my grandma and Target (similar).  But how fun are these (loving the Amber color) and these are sweet for kids too!

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