Holiday Wish-listing: Experiences, Investing In-Self, & Heirloom Pieces

I’m pretty terrible when it comes to gift guides because I much prefer experiences, personally. And in a year when the experiences we may be wanting aren’t the same–or perhaps more coveted and special now?–I’ve been thinking outside the box. All I truly want this year is rest, carved out me-time or fully being in-the-moment with Tanner (and my family). When my sister was quizzing me on what I’d like, I said I just want a chance to dress up!–you can provide the babysitting. Or a night away with Tanner (we haven’t gone anywhere just the two of us since before lockdowns in February)… a date day to wine country is high on my wishlist along with a day spent snowboarding. I also recently realized I haven’t gone snowboarding since before Rex was born! I value memories way higher than anything material–as cheesy as it sounds. But everyone does love opening something special on Christmas so if you’re on the hunt for gifts, big or small–here’s a curated selection of ideas, artists, experiences and quality heirlooms you’ll love and use for years to come.

Invest In Yourself |

One thing that’s been a major positive this year is all of the outside-of-the-box thinking and investing in ourselves! I have friends who have signed up for online courses or are gifting themselves higher education and certifications they’ve long been putting off. I joined a creative online community in September that my friend Amy led, and it was such an inspiring way to connect with like-minded women again. I love the idea of gifting someone something along those lines–remember when I got really into Masterclass? Also there are some really great online workout packages and cooking classes to take advantage of. Another area I invested in myself this year was simply–my time. I realized how depleted and rundown I was and hit rock bottom at one point. I think we’ve all felt this to some extent this year. Maybe you simply need rest, or personally, I love a night to tuck into bed early with a book (no matter what state the house is in or how long the to-do list is). So again back to babysitting–this is the gift to give to all of the struggling parents this year!

I also invested in my skincare this year. Taking extra time to do a nightly facial feels like such a luxury–gifting your favorite moisturizing mask or cream is a sure win. Oh and facials (once things opened up again)–I got two microneedling treatments over the past couple months and my skin has never looked better.

Shop Small Artists and Heirloom Finds You’ll Use and Wear Forever |

Besides experiences and investing in yourself, I’m someone who values quality and heirloom pieces you’ll have and use and love and rewear… for years to come. I’m someone who appreciates well made pieces that I will wear non-stop. Those special pieces you can continuously restyle or a cool pair of vintage jeans that are pricey but you will live in. Also in a year when we’ve been spending more time than ever before in our homes–literally 2020 has been the year I’ve become a homebody and I’m afraid I’ll never come back out of it. HA! I’ve loved the hunt for one-of-a-kind unique finds and curated pieces to display in your home. A well loved set of ceramic dishes and art that transforms a space.

Holiday Wish-Listing |

  1. Michelle Blade Ceramics | 2. Art from Tappan | 3. Farmhouse Rug for layering (ALICIA20 for 20% off) | 4. Garden Gift Sets from Flamingo Estate | 5. Homemade Tea Blends | 6. Scribe Winery’s Hacienda Kitchen Kit | 7. Custom Beni Rug | 8. Green Candlesticks | 9. Vintage Glass Set | 10. Vessel by Simone Bodmer-Turner | 11. Mt. Washington Pottery | 12. Pillow Refresh

Holiday Wish-Listing |

13. Catch-all Plate | 14. Scent of the Season | 15. Athena Calderone x Beau Rush Large Footed Bowl | 16. Athena Calderone x The Wooden Plate Ritual Bath Tray | 17. Gucci Pink Lipstick | 18. The Best Book You Read This Year | 19. Sister Katie Gillian Pants | 20. Totemé Tank | 21. Lamp For Your Desk | 22. Goop Glow Exfoliator | 23. Surprise Date Day! | 24. Vintner’s Daughter Serum

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