Rex’s Big Boy Room

We finished up Rex’s “big boy room” at the end of summer (you can see his nursery here and how it evolved a bit here and more recently here for Willow), and I shared in a few instagram stories but then completely forgot to post any finished photos on the blog. We actually started the process of decorating his new room early on in my pregnancy with Willow, taking our time along the way to make it special for him. It all started with my love for these St. Frank woven masks (I let Rex choose which ones he wanted) and his room developed from there. It’s similar in vibe to his nursery and still a very minimal room which I intended to do on purpose so that it can grow with him over the years, but the wallpaper we ended up choosing for an accent wall truly makes the space.  Also, from St. Frank–which you know, I absolutely love for unique and colorful finds from artisans all over the world.

A ceramic wall hanging splurge that I have wanted for quite sometime… finally found its home in Rex’s room.

I can’t even tell you how adorably excited and cute Rex was when these masks arrived. He squealed like I’ve never seen him when he opened them for the first time.

Each mask is woven by women from the Emberá tribe of the southern Darien rainforests of Panama. Emberá masks depict local animals and animal spirits and are made from split palm leaves and dyed naturally which I love.

St. Frank has an awesome selection of wallpaper prints inspired by their vintage Cactus Silk textiles. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out on this wall (and I’m not even a wallpaper girl). Also, somehow it makes his small room look larger with an accent wall.

On transitioning to a big boy room:

Before Willow was born I also worried about how the transition into a new room would go for him.  I think I was most concerned about whether or not he would feel like he was getting kicked out of the nursery so she could move into his crib but it couldn’t have been a more non-issue.  Funny how as parents we worry about things and then when they actually happen it’s not even a big deal.  At least that’s been the case with Rex.  I didn’t want to push the change but we just slowly decorated his room over the summer months and then once his bed arrived we started reading in their during his afternoon quiet time.  Then one day out of the blue he just said “mom I want to sleep in my big boy room tonight.”  I hadn’t ordered a bed rail or any other gadgets I thought I needed but we just went with it and he’s slept in there no problem every night since. 

Side note: a portion of the proceeds from the sales of their wallpaper supports St. Frank’s artisan partners.

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Thank you to St. Frank for partnering with us on Rex’s room!

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