Scenting Your Home For The Holidays

I’m a firm non-holiday decorator until December 1st, but since I thought we were going to have a house-full here for Thanksgiving (turns out we went home to Chico last minute)… I got a tiny bit of a head start.  You know, just to give the place that festive touch!  I was going for a mix of Thanksgiving minimal as far as decor in the dining room, and holiday smells throughout the rest of the house.  After receiving the best holiday package from my friends at Jo Malone London, I strategically placed their new Jo Malone London Pine & Eucalyptus candles and diffuser throughout the various rooms.  I also picked up fresh eucalyptus for our mantle and the upstairs hallway near our guest room to bring out the smell even more.  I’m telling you it literally smells like Christmas morning around here now and makes me so very happy.  I’ve been lighting the large candle daily (which I move and keep out of Rex’s reach when he’s around).  It has been giving me all of the cozy fireside holiday feels and is exciting me to officially decorate for the holidays!

Fresh greenery and a spritz of Jo Malone London Room Spray right before guests arrive!

The eucalyptus and greenery have now dried and are just as pretty.  I haven’t decided what I want to do as far as full-on holiday decor around the house yet this year but gosh I just love the simplicity of a little greenery to get you in the festive mood!


Another touch for scenting your home this time of year, making your own fire starter or simply putting dried eucalyptus in your fireplace.  Looks pretty and smells just like the holidays as it burns!

Photography | Codi Ann Backman

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