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I just love a pretty, well curated kitchen of unique and found items.  And since I just did a bit of some decluttering over the past couple of months in here, I finally got around to putting together a round-up of my favorite pieces.  The most used, most loved (and most asked about)!  This is such a long overdue post here really since I’m constantly asked about various items in our kitchen (most commonly my tiered fruit bowl stand that I’ve had for years now!)… so I finally answered a bunch of questions regarding where items are from and included a list of all of my favorite home stores for unique finds at the bottom of the post.  Hope you find this helpful!  And if I missed anything ask away in the comments below and I’ll answer! xx


Shop My Favorite Kitchen Items

Serving bowls and platters…

My dishes are a mix of family hand-me downs (the white set) and Heath Ceramics.  I’m still hoping to own a whole complete set of Heath dishes one day!  But in the meantime, their serving bowls are my absolute favorite.  I’ve collected an assortment of ceramics over the years and find myself always lusting for more.  Favorite items are from: General Store in SF and Sarah Kersten bowls.  I also love unique serving pitchers for water and beverages when entertaining, and recently scooped up this one from Jenni Kayne (another fave site for home / kitchen goods).  Perfect for spring and summer!

(Oh and since I’m asked about the shelving I keep my bowls on a lot–it’s from Design Alchemy, a local home and design store here in Sacramento.  It was one of my very first purchases from their store.  And I still LOVE it so much.)

Shop My Favorite Kitchen Items

Tiered serving stand…

Hilariously I think this tiered stand may be my most commonly asked question on Instagram whenever I post photos of our kitchen.  But I get it, finding a fruit bowl big enough can be hard!  I’ve had this serving stand for years and am always embarrassed to say that I can’t remember where it’s from… maybe Pottery Barn?  A reader once corrected me and remembered where–so if you know please share again (although it’s been years so I know it’s sadly not available anymore).  Besides holding my farmers market haul, stands like this are also great for parties for serving.

 Shop My Favorite Kitchen Items

Our coffeemaker:  Technivorm Moccamaster

We have had a number of coffee machines over the years… from cheap to fancy.  I’m a drip coffee girl personally and didn’t need all the bells and whistles of the espresso machines we’ve had in the past.  One day Tanner came home with this baby after doing a bunch of research and I have to say it makes the best drip coffee.  Plus it’s SO fast.  The description says six minutes and I’ve actually never timed it but it’s faster than any drip coffee pot I’ve ever had.  In the time it takes me to grab my mug and creamer the coffee is ready.  It’s pricey, but we’ve had pricier, and this has been by far our favorite over the years.  Highly recommend if you just love your simple drip coffee as well… makes the perfect cup!

Shop My Favorite Kitchen Items

The skinny on my cutting boards…

The four cutting boards I use the most are out on display here in this corner of our kitchen for easy grabbing.  The smaller, smoother wood of the two in front (closest to the knifes) are both from Heath Ceramics.  Love these, their sizes and everything about them so much.  The wood is so beautiful you may want to keep them looking their best to serve on as well but I just use them for everyday.  The next giant board I use mainly for presentation as it’s just a cool vintage looking board.  It was a find from DIANI Living while visiting Santa Barbara one year.  (DIANI Living is an absolute  favorite of mine for unique home finds by the way!  I can get into some serious danger there.).  And the fourth board was a wedding gift from my best friend from kindergarten’s parents.  They made it for me from the wood from trees they chopped down in their yard.  So that one has some sweet sentimental value too!

Shop My Favorite Kitchen Items

The cookbooks I’m constantly grabbing for…

Shop My Favorite Kitchen Items

Home stores / online sites I love for more unique finds…

Design Alchemy (Sacramento)

DIANI Living (Santa Barbara)

Elsie Green (Concord)

General Store (SF / LA)

Heath Ceramics (SF)

Hudson | Grace (SF)

March (SF)

The Line  (LA / NYC)

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