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I love reflecting on the week as it’s a sweet reminder of the highs.  Especially in a time when we’re all so busy and turning on the news or opening the newspaper is more heartbreaking everyday, I’ve found it to be so important to focus on the simple joys of my own life.  So this week’s 10 things round-up are just some personal highlights… and hopefully posts like this inspire you to think about yours too! xx


1. Kicking Monday off with friends, around the table, enjoying another delicious meal thoughtfully prepared by my friend and chef, Kevin O’Connor–who I was thrilled to have back in my kitchen again for a fun project!

2. Hosting another event (on Tuesday night) at one of my favorite restaurants in town, Canon, and realizing I have made so many great friends here in Sacramento.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes me truly happy, and what I’m most passionate about and it always revolves around people… and connecting people!  So Monday and Tuesday night were both major highs that took me through the week.  (Extrovert here!)

3. My talented girlfriend, Shannon of Thistle and Honey, who devoted her time to me two days in a row this week.  Actually three, because we had a meeting on a third day this week.  Love collaborating with her because she always executes my vision perfectly!  (You may remember her from here, here and here.)

4. A new podcast I can’t stop listening to: How I Built This.  You may already listen to this one but over the past week I’ve binged about two episodes a day.  Stories on the founders of top successful companies and and how they’ve built their business.  Most recently I listened to Stitch Fix and Framebridge, which I found super interesting as I’ve worked with both companies through my blog.  Also, the Whole Foods and Instagram stories are my top two.

5. A warm evening to enjoy al fresco dining!

6. Rex showing off his belly in this pic.  He’s been proud of his new word “belly.”

7. Leftover blooms from Monday on my nightstand!  In my dream life I wake up to pretty arrangements like this everyday… in reality this probably happens every few months so when it does, it makes me very happy!

8. Pulled back out my spring / summer bin of clothing and found my overalls.  If you haven’t put overalls on in a while, I forgot how comfy they are!  Also, last time I think I wore these I was pregnant so they were feeling extra roomy!


9. Asking my friends “what truly makes them the happiest”…

10. …and listening to their answers.  (A question you should probably wait to ask after they’re a cocktail in so they’ll answer with complete honesty.)

Photography | Myself + Dani Weast

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