10 Things | I’m Into this March

Hey remember when I said I was going to start that Friday 10 Things series… and then I missed a couple Fridays in a row.  Oops!  Well a few Fridays later and I’m back!  Today with a random list of things I’m currently into this month… and some snaps from this week.


The new General Store in the Outer Sunset (SF) which is all home (baskets, ceramics, textiles… everything I’m obsessed with).  I stopped by this past weekend and wanted to bring back everything.  It’s just a couple blocks away from the original location on Judah street so worth popping into both when you’re in that neighborhood.

Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts!  I can’t get enough of podcasts and a couple new ones popped up this month!  Like Goop’s podcast.  Her first guest was Oprah, so of course it was quite the listen.

Another fave podcast that I listened to this week, Garance Dore’s interview with Kelly Wearstler.  (I may have listened to it twice).  BTW, I’m hoping to book a night at her newly opened hotel in San Francisco, The Proper.  Have you stayed there yet?

Grilled zucchini.  Told you this was a random list of things!  A little olive oil.  Salt and pepper.  I’ve been slicing them long, french fry style, and roasting them in the oven.  I’ll throw an egg on top and call it a meal.  I like to have a lot of fresh and cooked veggies on hand for easy meal options and this has been my random little craving this month.

Rachel Comey earrings.  I know I’ve already shared these, but I just can’t get enough.

Dôen’s new spring dresses.  Oh my gosh I want them all!  And to plan some backyard spring parties so I have an excuse to wear them!

These black Hearth & Hand bowls from Target.  They look more expensive than they are.  First I bought a set for my sister and then I went back for myself.  Target has really been stepping up their game!

Waking up an hour earlier.  I started finally getting my butt moving before Rex wakes up this week (as opposed to snoozing until I hear him chatting) and while it has been hard to get up extra early, getting in a mini work out and enjoying a few sips of my coffee before Rex wakes up has been a game changer for my morning routine.  I’m not kidding when I say I’ve been the best version of myself this week mom-wise because I’m paying more attention to my own needs first.

These eco grocery bags (available at the Co-Op if you’re in Sacramento–or on Amazon here).  They expand to a crazy size and can hold up to 40lbs.  What?!  Plus they’re stylish.

The very best rainy day delivery!–Jo Malone London’s jumbo size candle.  Oh my gosh have you seen one of these in person?  I’ve wanted one for so long to burn during parties.  My team won trivia night during our trip this past January and my prize finally arrived in the mail!

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