10 things to ask your mom

10 Things | To Ask Your Mom

It wasn’t until I became a mother that I truly appreciated my own mother.  Coming back from a couple of days spent with her in San Francisco this week, and just feeling so very lucky to have her in my life (and to officially celebrate her this Mother’s Day and everything she does for me and now, Rex!).  I can’t imagine life without my mom and know how fortunate I am to be able to call her daily (actually multiple times a day!) and see her almost weekly.  My mom has always instilled in me the importance of family as she lost her mother suddenly at age 12, and her father at age 25.  She says that losing them at such a young age made her realize you just never know how long you have with your mother / to be a mother and how important it is to really cherish your time with the special people in your life.  It breaks my heart when my mom says there are so many things she wished she could have asked her mom but didn’t get the chance to.  Like how were her pregnancies?… did she nurse?… and how she raised three little ones all one year apart?  Also to hear more stories about her family, and childhood.  My mom tells us stories about relatives and our family history often but the older I get the more important I realize it is take time to ask more questions, to have her repeat the stories no matter how many times you’ve heard them and soak up all her life wisdom!  Even just rephrasing the questions and asking how she views things in a new way will open up a new and inspiring conversation!

You may already know these answers but it doesn’t hurt to ask again!  In no particular order… take some time to ask your mom:


1. What’s your number one beauty secret?  (Mom’s usually have the best advice here)

2.  Ask her about her pregnancy.  Her labor.  Did she nurse, and if so, how long?

3. When did you know Dad was the one?  Favorite stories about dating Dad?

4. How did her parents meet?

5. What was her childhood like?  Favorite stories?

6. If she could change careers what would she do?

7. What has been your favorite age?  Why?

8. What was your favorite age / time when raising your kids?

9. What’s on your life bucketlist?  Where would you love to travel?

10. What makes you truly your happiest?

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