3 Simple Ways I Changed My Morning Routine

I found myself in a serious funk at the beginning of the year and just couldn’t shake it.  After doing a little soul searching and taking a look at my schedule and what was stressing me out I realized I was all rather simple: I just wasn’t making time for myself.  And turns out, just making a few tweaks to my morning routine was all I needed to get my mind, body, spirit back in balance.  We’ve all heard it before but it’s something I continually need reminding of as I’m quite the people pleaser… making time for myself daily in turn fills me up to share more love, life, and the best version of myself with others.  It’s a win, win!  Anyone feeling similarly?  Here are the mini changes I made to my morning routine that have been making all the difference in my world…



1. Wake up an hour earlier.  |  (Sounds painful but you’ll train your body and begin to love those quiet AMs.)  I’ve always been a morning person but since having Rex he’s really shaken up my (our) routine.  As I’m sure all parents can relate!  Now that he’s 16 months old, and consistently sleeping through the night, I felt like I couldn’t use him as my excuse for “not having time to workout” anymore.  So after taking a look at my days and thinking about where I could fit a mini sweat-sesh in (I prefer to workout in the mornings anyway) I realized I needed to wake up before Rex.  I’m not going to lie, it was a real struggle for a couple of weeks.  And I’m also not going to lie, I still hit snooze a couple days a week but since committing to 3-4 days a week of waking up an hour before Rex and fitting in a mini (just 20 minute workout at home) and a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper I’ve been a whole new, happier(!), back to the version of myself that I love.  Also now when I hear Rex calling for me when he wakes up in the morning I’m so excited to scoop him up for my kiss rather than dreading getting out of bed.

2. Jot down (or visualize) three things your thankful for.  |  Journaling, meditation, visualizing… whatever your thing is, there’s no better way to start your day!  I love starting and ending my day this way.

3. Fit in one thing for yourself.  |  Maybe you love reading the newspaper but never have time (that was me).  Or waking up early to make your favorite healthy shake, or listen to your favorite podcast while you eat breakfast… whatever mini “you time” you can sneak in in the morning or throughout your day makes such a difference.

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