5 Things About September!

We’re back home after an a-mazing week in London!  Actually, it’s been sort of a back-to-back couple of awesome weeks and trips, from Kauai to London.  We were literally home long enough to unpack and repack.  Kauai felt like the perfect way to end summer on a high note, and then London, I mean what could be a better way to kick off September?  My favorite month, in one of my most favorite cities?  Going from a week in a bikini to full on fall weather (yay!) and those time zones means I’m still a little confused as to what zone my body is and what to wear (it’s oddly humid here in Sacramento right now) but Rex and I are settling back into some sort of a routine.  I’m still going through all of the photos I took from both trips but promise to share soon!  And more about traveling with Rex abroad because a lot of you have asked!  In the meantime, leaving you with a dose of back home snapped just yesterday by my talented girlfriend Stephanie… and an ode to September.  (Yep, half-way into the month!)

I had every intention of sending out a BlackList email with a personal note on September at the beginning of the month… but oops, I have yet to do that!  By the way, are you signed up for my emails?  Anything additional you’d like to read there?  I promise I’m going to get those personal notes up and going again–note to self, don’t start something new at the same time you have a baby.

Let’s chat September… here’s what’s happening in our world.

1. A Back-to-School Reset | Even for those of us not going back-to-school September lends to a fresh restart.  Not only is it a chance to pull out your sweaters again but it’s a chance to reinvent your look completely.  Darken your hair, go shorter, moody-ier clothing, try out new boot or hat styles!  Also play with textures and layering again.  For this reason–and because it’s my birthday month–September will always be my fave.

2. On Style | Wow Rebecca Taylor is winning my September dressing game.  She’s officially making me want more feminine pieces to mix into my wardrobe this season.  More florals and all of the pretty ruffled silhouettes!  The fall collection is quite dreamy and perfect to pair back to more masculine and edgy separates.

 Also, I think every girl should get this hat for fall.  I lived in it in London which was the perfect way to hide the frizzy hair situation in the rain.  And it’s the perfect way to transition summer pieces into fall.  A pretty floral blouse?–just add a cute fisherman hat.

3. Rex | OMG you guys he’s getting so big.  He will be 10 months at the end of the month–how?!  He has 4 teeth.  Has quite the personality and has two speeds: constant motion or passed out.

4. Our upstairs remodel is finished but I’ve barely been home to get our newly installed closets and cabinets organized.  Might be one for October.  But oh my gosh I have more closet space!

5. New York Fashion Week no FOMO here | I’ve got to say as much as I thought I was going to have a serious case of FOMO for missing out, I’m totally content seeing the collections on my phone.  That said, London made me miss New York so much and I’m hoping I can make it to NY this fall.

I lived in high-neck blouses during my trip to London (I wore this floral blouse during the day and this one was my go-to on multiple nights out).

This guy can eat!  He’s teething and loves chewing on rice cakes.  Also, we love our Stokke Baby highchair so much.

The Look |  Rebecca Taylor (similar high-neck style I love 55% off).  Re/Done Jeans.  Janessa Leone Hat.

Photography | Stephanie Russo

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