5 Ways I like to jumpstart the week

I like to ease into the week as much as possible.  Which then makes me look forward to Mondays rather than dread them.  Even working for yourself or in a role you love I think Mondays can be rough for everyone.  For me, the hardest part is just forcing myself to sit at a computer.  I’d much rather be outside, creating, or playing hooky and hanging with Rex.  So I try to find little ways to make my desk space more appealing… and to kick off the week organized, inspired and rejuvenated.

1. Fresh flowers.  I know, I know… but seriously making a pretty arrangement on a Sunday afternoon is probably my most favorite way to jumpstart the week.  Whether clipped from the yard or store bought… they really do their job to make my desk more appealing.  It’s also just so relaxing to light your favorite candles and play some tunes while assembling.

2. A clean desk.  Cleaning my desk off on a Friday afternoon or Sunday night makes for a fresh start on Monday.  This also includes organizing any random notes from the week prior and my calendar for the week ahead.  Which is something I’m trying to be much better about since every week is different and between my schedule / my husband’s and my nanny’s… my mind is always buzzing with craziness.

3. Clearing my morning schedule.  I know not everyone can do this–or maybe this just means waking up earlier for a workout and time to yourself–but I try to not plan anything on Monday mornings.  It’s my absolute fave thing to ease into the week with a slow Monday with Rex.  We lounge around and have a leisurely breakfast, go for a walk or to the park and play until my nanny comes later in the afternoon.  I also get to enjoy this little perk right now since I don’t have a nanny available earlier so it just kind of works in my favor.

4. Quality family time on Sunday nights.  Sundays around here are typically work days for my husband (wah, wah)… and so I’m on Rex duty or have emails and stuff to catch up on myself.  But we always make sure to do something fun together including family dinner.  Family time is always the best way to roll into a new week!

5. Meal prep and a fully stocked refrigerator.  This rarely happens but when it does I’m very proud of myself!… and the fact that we don’t have to race down the street on Monday morning for coffee and a bite at our local coffeeshop.

5 Ways I like to jumpstart the week 5 Ways I like to jumpstart the week5 Ways I like to jumpstart the week 5 Ways I like to jumpstart the week

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