Before + After: Dressing Room Diaries

Thank you so much for all of the kind words re: SYLLABUS! It was such a fun (albeit exhausting!) first week, and I’m so thankful for all of the support. We will have our online up and running soon but in the meantime if you see something you’re interested in that we’ve posted on social please feel free to email* me.

Hands down the best part about SYLLABUS is the space we’re in. Those from Chico know that 212 Main Street is not only located in the heart of downtown but also has amazing energy, history (it was originally a bar and housed the uber popular Lulu*s during my junior high and high school years)–and bones (I can’t get enough of the exposed brick and beams!). It’s been so much fun to hear everyone’s reactions this week to our renovations as they can truly appreciate all of the work we put into the remodel this summer. I’ll be sharing more before and after photos over the next couple of weeks so you can get a better feel for the space and how it came together.


Downstairs dressing rooms before.


We tore down the 5 dressing rooms and miniature bathroom and turned the downstairs space into one giant dressing room and upgraded bath. Everything pink and black was painted white, the floors were refinished and stained and the beams were stained darker as well which really made them pop.


Downstairs dressing room after.

I wanted the downstairs dressing room to be spacious and luxurious feeling. I had custom linen curtains made from my favorite local home store: Nantucket Home (if you’re ever in the area you must go!). The dressing room “rugs” are cowhides from Ikea (which everyone asks about!), the bench is from Lulu & Georgia, and the throw is also from Nantucket.


And just outside of the dressing room I wanted to create a sitting space (for the patiently waiting dudes or girlfriends). The rug is from Serena & Lily (I picked it out during this visit), the chairs are from Anthropologie, and the gold side table is from Nantucket Home.

*for any SYLLABUS inquiries you can email me at: [email protected]

Photography by Michelle Drewes (before pics by me–I don’t think Michelle wants credit for those!).

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