An Aesthetically Pleasing and Organized Kitchen

Little by little I’ve been making various swaps around our kitchen over the past couple of years in an effort to make things more aesthetically pleasing and organized. Small changes here and there have made all the difference in my mood since I spend so much time there (especially now more than ever!). Everything from donating things I didn’t use regularly that were taking up precious space so I could rearrange and gain more food storage, to simply adding a more curated touch to the everyday used items. I’m sure you’re feeling this way too… so much time in the kitchen… we may as well strive to make it our happy place.

A couple years back I first got the itch to organize all of my dry goods into glass canisters which also helps me visually see what we have for meal prep and keeps our pantry a bit more organized. I actually display most of our dry goods out on our open shelving which made room for other things like the plethora of toddler snacks and cereals that seem to be taking over(!). Things spiraled from there–realizing that I could easily swap out plastic tupperware in place of glass jars (I reuse all of the jars I get from our local Co-Op to store food in). I also love these reusable stasher bags (which now come in a plethora of pretty colors) for food storage and packing snacks when out.

I’ve taken things up a notch again since being home so much during this quarantine period. Displaying olive oil in a pretty ceramic bottle. Rearranging our drawers so our pots and pans fit better (always annoying). Organizing our linens (I’ve been using linen napkins nightly for dinners which saves on a ton of paper waste) and finally bought placemats as I’m realizing how messy Rex is when eating, which is saving our table.

Here are some of the kitchen items I’ve purchased recently and that I currently have my eye on as well.

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Glass Canisters / Storage

I really love having dry goods (beans, rice etc.) on display so I can see what we have. I just bought these to up my simple storage game. Similar and I also have these Weck jars in various sizes for storage as well.

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I finally purchased these placemats from Heather Taylor Home after wanting them for a couple years now. All of her textiles have such sweet nostalgic picnic-vibes to them. I also ordered these for a more neutral placemat option (similar save option). Magic Linen is great in general for linen items.

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Eco Linen Covers

I’m bummed these eco bowl covers sold out before I could snag some myself (I’m on the waitlist!)… but I found some similar more affordable options on Etsy.

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For meals we only use cloth napkins to save on paper. and I just love that it makes mealtime feel a bit more special. Heather Taylor home has some of my favorites for color and prints.

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Moroccan Tea Glasses

These Moroccan tea glasses are the perfect size for a small sip or to give Rex to drink out of. They’re fragile so he’s learned the importance of treating our things nicely (love these recycled glass tumblers too). I also have a set of small vintage glasses that I drink wine out of from my grandma that I love and found some similar French wine glasses. Perfect for a small pours.

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Tea Towels

I’ve been needing new tea towels and found a number of affordable options on Etsy. If you’re just looking for something plain and simple and affordable again, Magic Linen is a great option. They have so many colors.

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Rope Candlesticks

I recently ordered more candlesticks–and love this twisted rope style. Love a colored candlestick moment–so many options!

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Fruit Stand / Bowls

Linking a similar fruit stand (in marble) to mine because I’m often asked about it! Another wooden version, gorgeous fruit bowl option and this dreamy splurge bowl.

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I’m such a sucker for a pretty glass vase, and also super into having something like this small two tiered vessel out on display.

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Eco Bags

I have a number of cotton net bags–but how pretty is this hue?

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Peg Rails

I’ve been wanting to tackle some of the storage issues in our kitchen and have been looking for peg rails to be able to hang cutting boards, net bags and other odds and ends. The options on Etsy are endless–love this one in all-black (depending on your space).

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