my favorite baby carrying wraps

The Baby Wraps I Love

26 January

I touched on my love for baby wraps in this recent 2 month post but since I keep getting questions I thought I’d go into a bit more detail.  Baby aside it’s been the best for gaining back my on-the-go lifestyle, and making life around the house just easier in general.  And obviously, Rex loves to be snuggled up as tight and as close to me as possible so he would happily spend all day in a wrap.  It’s a sure win, win!

my favorite baby carrying wraps

It sounds like every mama finds the wrap brand and style that works best for their body / baby but the two that I’ve loved the most are the Solly Wrap (I have this one) and the Wild Bird Sling (I have this one).  I bought the Solly Wrap after seeing it on someone else–(1) I thought it was super cute! and loved all the colors and patterns it came in and (2) the other wraps I had tried just weren’t that comfortable.  I’m not sure if it’s because Rex is still pretty small but I find this to be amazingly comfortable to pack him around in.  I can walk for miles and it never bothers my back.  A lot of people have asked about getting the hang of putting it on and yes I had to watch a couple Youtube videos to figure it out at first but I promise it’s super easy once you’ve practiced.

I ordered the Wild Bird Sling after one too many occasions where I wished I had something easier to just pop him into.  For instance when just jumping out of the car to run a quick errand (i.e.: coffee run, post office) or when he’s fussy and I need to get things done around the house I find it’s easiest to just throw him in the sling as opposed to the Solly Wrap and easier for me to quickly put on as well.  Although I’ve now learned to put on the Solly Wrap before I get in the car so I’m ready when we’re at our destination.

my favorite baby carrying wraps

My only complaint when it comes to the Sling is that after awhile it does start to hurt my back where the Solly Wrap doesn’t ever.  So I wear the Solly Wrap when I know I’ll have him on for an extended amount of time (say a walk) and the Sling for quicker stints.

my favorite baby carrying wrapsmy favorite baby carrying wraps

My biggest hope when it came to having a baby was that I’d still be able to go about town as I pleased, run off to San Francisco, travel, etc… and the wrap has helped me really feel like myself.  Of course there’s the stroller and ease of rolling out of the house but having the ability to pack Rex along for coffee, a sushi date with my guy, events, to the grocery store, and even get a manicure (we’ve done it!) feels awfully luxurious and has made all the difference in my world these first few weeks.  And so for your own sanity I can’t recommend wraps more.

my favorite baby carrying wraps

Rex also takes the longest / best naps ever in the wrap.  So when he’s having his days where he just won’t let me set him down (as much as I wish I could hold him and cuddle all day, some days you just can’t and things need to get done) this is also when the wrap is my very best friend.  And Rex’s too!  He’s my favorite accessory.

my favorite baby carrying wrapsmy favorite baby carrying wraps

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