best toddler gifts shop bitte maia smith

Best Kid Gifts: Bitte

Up until just recently (ehem, age 30), the thought of a house and babies made me feel claustrophobic. As someone who loves to travel and enjoys a busy lifestyle I just couldn’t quite picture, as it seemed so settled. It took me a little over a year to get used to the slower pace here in Sacramento and now just a couple weeks after moving into our house I’m starting to gain a better picture of how that life might look. I called my mom yesterday and told her: “Okay I’m totally warming up to this whole domestic thing! I just love being home.” At least I’ve got the entertaining part on lock down right?

As more of my girlfriends and family members have babies I’m slowly learning the cool kid shops, but as someone who doesn’t have a baby themselves yet it’s helpful to know what the mama’s actually want to be gifted this time of year. One mama I turned to for my baby holiday shopping advice is Maia Smith, Rue Magazine Art Director and recent Sacramento transplant, as her adorable online shop: Bitte has become one of my faves this fall for gifts (I mean).

best toddler gifts shop bitte maia smith

Maia’s Kid Gift Guide:

Babies (Gift Guide) | Since babies don’t really understand what’s going on during the holidays I try to buy something that I know the parents will appreciate, like a cute outfit. When I had an infant I was going through onesies, hats and blankets so fast I couldn’t keep up with demand. So I always loved getting an adorable new outfit to put into rotation. If you don’t know the parent’s taste very well focus on great quality, gender neutral items in soft materials.

A few of my picks: Forest Fleece Onesie, Winter Forest Jumpsuit, Bunny Bonnet

Toddlers (Gift Guide) | Toddlers are starting to develop their own opinions on what they like and dislike. Clothes start to be less appreciated at this age since some toddlers might have very specific ideas of what they want to wear. I think it’s pretty safe to stick to getting them books, blocks or stuffed animals. These classic items are always favorites.

A few of my picks: I Can Do it Myself Book, Upper and Lowercase Block Set, Sleepy Wakey Piggy

Preschool & Kindergartners (Gift Guide) | Preschool age kids are becoming more and more independent and developing their own tastes and personalities. Arts and crafts and imaginary play is big at this age. If you are spending time with a kid this age over the holidays a gift that you can participate in together is a great idea. Puzzles, games or a craft kit that you can make together are great examples.

A few of my picks: Toy Camera Kit, Roads Playmat, Animal Pals Memory Game

 best toddler gifts shop bitte maia smith best toddler gifts shop bitte maia smith best toddler gifts shop bitte maia smithbest toddler gifts shop bitte maia smith best toddler gifts shop bitte maia smith best toddler gifts shop bitte maia smith   best toddler gifts shop bitte maia smith

(I gave this elephant recently and it was such a hit with the new mom-to-be.)

Thanks for the tips Maia and for loaning your cute little model, Ingrid. For 15% off your holiday kid shopping on Bitte use code: CHEETAH15

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