A Better Night’s Sleep

22 May

We’ve been putting off a big adult purchase for far too long.  A new bed.  And this girl had no idea she needed a king size bed (let’s be honest we’re not tall people) but that extra room is all kinds of luxurious.  I feel like I’m going to sleep at my favorite hotel every night now–what a treat!  I also didn’t realize I needed a mattress with customizable firmness or a bed that adjusts so you can sit up and watch movies (or breastfeed), massages you to sleep, charges your phone, and lights up so you can see where you’re going in the middle of the night.  Let’s just say we’re obsessed and have been sleeping so much better over here as of late, and it’s not because Rex is sleeping through the night (although he finally is!), it’s all thanks to our new Reverie bed.

The secret to a better night's sleep...

I remember buying my first mattress when I graduated from college.  It seemed like such an adult thing to do at the time–laying and testing out the options.  But I also remember the whole process to be a bit overwhelming and then there was the hassle of getting it back to my apartment (thankfully my then boyfriend now husband had a truck).  With Reverie the experience was so much more enjoyable, customized and personal.  After a quick phone call with their specialists, we narrowed down the perfect completely customized bed for us and our family needs.  Within just a couple of weeks our bed was delivered and set up in our room, and we’ve been singing its praises and catching up on all those missed zzz’s ever since.

Reverie’s innovative mattress DreamCell™ technology is amazing.  The bed is constructed using individual DreamCell foam springs, which allow micro targeted firmness to support your unique sleeping preference.  For example, I’m petite and sleep on my side, so my side of the bed is softer than my guy’s as he sleeps on his stomach and back.  You can also reconfigure the foam springs in the bed to accommodate temporary conditions in your life (ie: back or neck issues–or pregnant!).  The mattress is made of natural materials that act as a cooling system to facilitate airflow and prevents overheating.  Since my guy runs hot this has been another major win for us.  Something my mother-in-law has been raving about for years and now we finally get it.

The secret to a better night's sleep...

The other great aspect about our Reverie bed is how well the aesthetic of the wooden base fits in with the rest of the room.  I was a little worried but the wood is so pretty, sleek and modern.  One of the best things about Reverie’s award-winning power bases is that you can customize your sleeping and resting position.  With just the touch of a button, we’re able to control the elevation of the bed and achieve the most comfortable (sleeping and resting) position (which is also great for late-night breastfeeding).  The adjustable power base also features preset positions to promote relaxation and deep sleep, including Zero-Gravity (my guy’s favorite!), which simulates weightlessness by taking pressure off the limbs and lower back; Anti-Snore, which raises the bed slightly to open airways and improve breathing; and Smartphone App Remote, which leverages Bluetooth technology to turn a personal device into a remote control and enable alarms that lift or massage upon wake-up.  Um fancy right?!

The secret to a better night's sleep...The secret to a better night's sleep...

Before getting our king size bed I thought a queen was perfect for us.  But oh my gosh that extra room is so nice!  And I know that as our family grows everyone will be piling in–so the extra room will be especially nice down the road.  Highly recommend the upgrade!

The secret to a better night's sleep...

I don’t think I really realized how much I love and need my sleep until I had a baby.  Which is why a new bed is all kinds of amazing for me especially, at this time in my life.  Mama needs as much sleep as she can get!  (It’s almost sad how great I forgot you can feel after 7/8 consecutive hours of sleep.)

On Rex and Sleeping | While those crazy sleep deprived days during those first couple of months seem long gone Rex still has his nights where he’s up 1-3 times.  The good news is we just transitioned him out of the cradle in our room and into the crib in his own room.  I actually had to talk my guy into moving him (he wasn’t quite ready for Rex to be in his own room, hehe)–but since I would wake up to his every move this has been life changing for me.  He’s also now eating more solids so the combination of more food in his belly and his own room means the whole fam is sleeping much much better these days!

The secret to a better night's sleep...

Bedside Tables.  Mirror (Design Alchemy).  Linen Sheets + Throw (Restoration Hardware).  Vintage Embroidered Pillows (Diani Living).

The secret to a better night's sleep...The secret to a better night's sleep...The secret to a better night's sleep...

Thank you so much to Reverie for sponsoring this post and giving us the gift of a better nights’ sleep!

Photography | Stephanie Russo

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