diy seasonal floral door swag

DIY Seasonal Door Swag

My girlfriend Shannon, the talented florist behind Thistle & Honey Floral, came over recently to make what we’re calling “seasonal door swag” with me.  I had this idea to hang a dried bundle of flowers from my front door for something different other than a fall wreath (although don’t get me wrong–I love a fall wreath!)–and Shannon took my idea to the next level.  As she always does!  I was so excited to have a morning to just hang, put on some chill music and play with an assortment of really pretty dried flowers.  We had so much fun that we ended up making multiple dried bundles and I now have a couple hanging around our house.  It’s such a fun and easy diy that would make for the perfect girls’ fall evening.  Just add wine and cozy sweaters.


Shannon  |  I love the idea of creating this simple yet impactful seasonal door swag.  It’s so straightforward and easy that anyone can make one!  Since it’s fall (and temperatures are still in the 80’s here in California), it felt most appropriate to go with dried flowers and foliages.  What I love most about this idea is how personal you can make it.  Look for items in your yard or in a nearby green space that are either dried or will dry well.  You can also find things like the dried artichokes and lotus pods at craft stores or online.  Lastly, you can always save left over grocery store flowers and hang them up to dry for occasions such as this.

Start with a base of foliage and add your larger items in next.  Add medium sized and smaller bits in for texture and depth.  Tie off with what you have on hand (we used floral tape, but twine works well, too).  Cover your tape with beautiful silk ribbon, like this one from Type & Title, or just leave it plain with the twine.  Voila!  You have a beautiful seasonal door swag to hang on your front door, or just about anywhere you’d like.

On Me |  Sezane Blouse.  Rough Linen Apron (borrowed from Shannon–I want her pinafore!).  Re/Done Levis.

Photography | Susan Yee

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