Tea Time | Making My Own Tea Blends

17 August

I’ve been getting really into making my own tea blends.  It was actually the tea, herb, and spice aisle at our local Co-Op that inspired me (which is also probably one of my most favorite and frequented places in town).  The weather has been slightly cooler this week giving me a dose of fall coziness, so the tea making has been in full effect.  As soon as Rex falls asleep for his afternoon nap I’ve been pulling out my little stockpile of ingredients.

You really can’t go wrong here when it comes to making your own blend as you know what flavors you like best.  And I’ve just been getting inspired by what I see at the Co-Op… but after experimenting on my own I’ve created a concoction that is pretty delicious if you ask me!  A blend of black tea, chai, and rose hips.  I like my chai strong so it’s basically a strong black chai with a hint of rose.  I also like to add a splash of almond / coconut milk for a touch of nutty sweetness.  Mmm!  Stir, sip and walk to computer to finish up some work.

A few other tea blends to try:

Green Tea.  Ginger.  Lemon.

Black Tea.  Cardamom.  Orange.

Black Tea.  Rose hips.  Lemon.

Note |  If adding ginger, lemon or orange you can dry the peels the day before by placing on a baking sheet to dry out overnight

Another fun addition I’ve been mixing into my tea–Moon Juice’s Spirit Dust.  It has all of these amazing qualities like: promoting positive mind and mood, calming, relaxing state of mind, resistance to stress, tension, and irritability.  Part of me feels like this is just a placebo effect but either way it has totally been working for me as it’s kind of just really fun to sprinkle in and get in that hippy–all of the good vibes–mood.

Photography | Stephanie Russo

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