Garden Party (A Weekend Playlist)

I found it pretty ironic that I had slotted “host a garden party” on my calendar this week. I knew our yard would be just starting to bloom, and I typically get the itch this time of year to have everyone over as signs of spring begin to appear. I was also supposed to be in Napa celebrating my cousin’s wedding festivities this weekend. Well, the sun finally came out yesterday and I got my garden party after all! I had been working on a playlist all week so it was perfect timing.

We also went for a walk through the neighborhood and I found the extrovert in me coming out in full force practically yelling from across the street with excitement when I saw a familiar face walking on street. They’d quickly give the appropriate space, but I couldn’t wait to have a conversation! Gosh this is tough isn’t it? We came home from our walk and I plopped Willow down in the backyard and Rex and I started trimming the lavender we had planted last summer. I decided it was the perfect time to dry some. I used some ribbon I had on hand and hung it in our kitchen. It’s the ideal time to get creative with what’s in our homes and yards… or foraging if you’re able to get out in nature this weekend. A neighbor also brought by some oranges and left them on our doorstep yesterday. It’s these thoughtful acts of kindness that mean so much right now. Let’s go into the weekend thinking of how we can pay it forward. Something as simple as a bowl of citrus or flowers from your yard can bring such joy. Maybe it’s as simple as checking-in with someone, coordinating a virtual happy hour, dropping off a book for a neighbor, shopping a small brand who could really use the support right now, or ordering take-out from your local eatery. Seemingly even the smallest of gestures can make such a difference!

Leaving you with this upbeat playlist as you head into your weekend. Please enjoy with a glass of wine in hand and let me know if you have any songs to add!  xx Alicia

Weekend Playlist: Garden Party

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