gender reveal party

Gender Reveal

25 August

I had originally wanted to keep the gender a surprise to the very end.  My guy however is quite the planner and finally talked me into finding out at the 20 week anatomy scan.  A friend put it perfectly, “do you want your surprise at the half-way mark or the very end, either way it’s the same / best surprise of your life.”  So true.  The farther along in my pregnancy I got, the more I couldn’t stand it–and the countdown to week 20 was on.

So we gathered our fams for a backyard bbq and cut the cake!  It was hands down the best day of the summer (bringing back the same sweet butterflies I felt on our wedding day and the day I met my guy) and has made everything feel all the more real.  We had to cut the cake before eating lunch because the anticipation was killing us!

gender reveal partygender reveal party gender reveal partygender reveal partygender reveal partygender reveal party

We took a family vote beforehand and my mom was voting girl–hence the manicure.  It’s hard to see but she got little blue dots on her pinky for the slight chance that it was a boy.

gender reveal party

BOY!!  As soon as I could feel our babe start to move and kick (around week 15/16) I instinctively just knew it was a boy.  My guy can’t sit still and so I felt like I had a mini version of him moving around in there, ha.  I just keep picturing a mini-me T and it makes me so happy.

So any mamas with boys I’ll take any and all of the advice because I sure need it.

Paper Plates, Napkins | Harlow & Grey (stepping up the paper goods!)

Cake | Freeport Bakery (best cakes in Sacramento!)

Photography | Michelle Drewes

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