We Love Our Number One Guy!

Nothing brings me more joy than watching Rex get so beyond giddy jumping in the window yelling “Dada” when he see’s Tanner’s truck pull up at the end of the work day.  (I’m also so amazed that around dinner time every night Rex knows to go stand in the window and wait.  And it’s heartbreaking to watch him stand in the window when T is traveling for work and I have to tell him it will be a couple of days until dad is back home.)  On the flip side, nothing also makes me happier than seeing Tanner as a dad.  How fun he is!  Getting down on the floor with Rex, our family dance parties in which he plays dj, building forts and coming up with these grand “childlike” games and ideas to surprise Rex with.  After all, he says he’s still a kid at heart (“you’ve got to think like a year and a half year old Alicia”).  He’s doing something right because Rex is obsessed!  And even though I come home to a complete disaster zone whenever I’m away (toys, clothes, food everywhere!) “because there’s just no time to clean up when you’re having that much fun,”… I still think you’re the very best dad around!

Looking back through these photos from this past weekend makes me so happy.  I asked T if we could take some snaps for Father’s Day and they’re not the picture perfect scenes I had envisioned… but they’re our reality and that’s what makes me love them even more.  Our life can be chaotic at times as I know all young families can relate… we’re both juggling a lot, but at the end of the day when we’re all back together everything slows down.  Our evenings as a little family of three and our free weekends are my very favorite.  When we’re unplugged and goofy and just truly in the moment soaking up this sweet age that Rex is at.

Love you T, I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to do life without you.  I thank my lucky stars everyday for both of my boys.  And my dad too!  I will after all, be a forever daddy’s girl.  Hope you have fun weekend plans spoiling the special guys in your world too!  xx

Photography | Dani Weast + Me

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