The Spell of Jo Malone London’s English Oak

Last week I flew off to London for the official unveiling of Jo Malone London’s new scent: English Oak.  It was a magical couple of days spent with the team (literally!–they created what felt like Alice in Wonderland’s world for us in the English countryside) and an unforgettable experience–one I was lucky enough to bring both of my boys along for!  Jo Malone London always comes up with the most unique fragrance combinations (English Oak & Hazelnut and English Oak & Redcurrant being their newest) and to see the inspiration behind the collection come to life… well it was something!

  Our journey began in London with a stay at the Rosewood Hotel.  We flew in a couple of days early to get acclimated to the time change and fit in a little touristing before I met up with the team (great idea on our part).  Everything officially began with a double decker bus ride to the Jo Malone London Townhouse for dinner.  Hello interior dreams!  We were greeted by the hottest guys dressed in suits handing out champagne as we walked up the spiral Jo Malone London scented staircase to dinner.  (The Jo Malone London team knows what they’re doing as far as casting goes by the way, these hottie model boys just kept catering to us, and popping up at each event throughout the week.)  Our British supper was delicious, but I have to admit I was much more focused on the band serenading us throughout our meal that I can’t even remember what I ate.  My wine was telling me to get up and dance but since nobody else was… I danced in my seat.  Also fun fact, the band played at Poppy Delevingne’s wedding.

Before checking out of the Rosewood we grabbed a quick bite (avocado toast for me) and made our way to the London helipad(!!)… to fly off to the forest.

The Look |  Isabel Marant Jacket.  Frame Jeans.  Hunter Rainbows (a surprise from Jo Malone London!).  Janessa Leone Hat.

So… Tanner tells me we flew in his dream helicopter (Agusta A109) and that it’s the coolest.  I thought it looked pretty cool in matte black but what do I know?  He is a helicopter pilot after all.  I’m afraid of heights and had a nervous stomach the whole time so I can’t say I loved it… but it was such an incredible view and way cool to land in the middle of the forest.  Also another fun fact, our pilot has flown Brad and Angelina in that exact helicopter numerous times.  Not so much now that they’re getting a divorce, but fun fact nonetheless.

We landed.  I got my picture taken to prove I did it!  And then we trekked off into the New Forest National Park–where our mysterious and magical day unfolded.

The inspiration for the collection all started with the English oak tree.  A powerful symbol in English culture.  ~ A place of mystery and enchantment, where legends take root and imagination takes flight.  And nowhere better captures this magic than the New Forest…

Sparkling redcurrant infused beverages and flapjacks for your hike?  From these guys, of course!  Me: “Yum, thank you!” (While inside I was thinking–what’s a flapjack?)  Turns out it’s a delicious granola bar.  Super oat-y and homemade tasting, just how I like them.

 Hiking through the New Forest as a slight misty rain fell upon us felt straight out of a fairytale.  The most gorgeous greens and everything was so lush!  As our walk unfolded it turned out we were in a fairytale.  Around various bends of the trail, sweet scenes appeared–a real live fairy house where inside a mystical scene of the campaign played on a movie projector.  There were magicians, a campfire, hot chocolate and marshmallows, and a whimsical wishing tree where we hung our wishes from it’s branches.  I made a good one!

We trekked on experiencing the magic of the forest and the spell of the oak infused fragrances: redcurrant and hazelnut.

After crossing a wooden bridge to what looked like a tree house, an incredible and colorful family-style meal awaited us.  During lunch I sat next to the Master Perfumer, Yann Vasnier as well as the Global Head of Fragrance, Celine Roux, and got to hear more about The English Oak story.  I found it fascinating that they worked on the scent for 3 years (from concept to production).  Yann shared the oak scent with Celine which she instantly loved and they worked together to create both unique combinations English Oak & Hazelnut (spicy and woody) and English Oak & Redcurrent (hints of rose, amber and white musk).  They’re both perfect scents for fall.

“Oak is a beautiful, noble wood.  It’s powerful and iconic.  In perfumery you often find sandalwood and cedarwood, but oak has something unique.  It’s majestic and mysterious.”  Master Perfumer, Yann Vasnier

As with all Jo Malone London fragrances, they’re designed to be layered.  Celine loves English Oak & Hazelnut with Basil & Neroli (one of my faves!) for a citrus fragrance that’s a little flirty.   English Oak & Redcurrant layers beautifully with Blackberry & Bay.  And of course, you can also combine the two English Oak scents together!  The best part about scents in general is that they smell different on each person so it’s fun to create your own signature layering.


Following our lunch we drove just down the road to the Lime Wood Hotel & Spa.  This place is truly something special.  Wild horses are prancing around!  It’s the type of place where you can truly disconnect (which was ironic because we were all bloggers, staying ultra-connected and Instagramming away).  The grounds are breathtakingly picturesque.  And the guest cottages are roomy yet cozy.  I took a yoga class and had an amazing moisturizing facial.  It was heaven!  I haven’t slept as well as I did at Lime Wood in a very long time.  We all caught up on our sleep there and I took the most luxurious bath… complete with Jo Malone body oil and scrubs but of course.

The Look |  See By Chloé Sweater.  Frame Jeans.  Janessa Leone Hat.


During some downtime I met up with T and R and walked the property.

The Look |  Frame Dress.

As our time together came to an end we dined for one last epic meal.

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Thank you to Tara and Katie and the entire Jo Malone London team for an amazing few days!

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