Do you Meal Prep? My Weekly Grocery Staples

Do you meal prep?  I can’t quite get into it although it sounds great in theory.  Over the past couple of years (i.e.: since having a big enough kitchen to which making anything finally became do-able) I’ve gotten more and more into cooking.  I’ve been surprising myself really with how passionate I am about going to our local Co-Op on the regular.  It’s actually the highlight of my week.  Browsing the seasonal produce is more exciting to me these days then, gasp, browsing Net-A-Porter?  No she didn’t admit that!!  There’s just something about trying new recipes and flavors that I find to be so fun and creative too!  I love getting inspired by our local farmers markets, digging through my favorite cookbooks for new recipes to try while Rex is napping, and later in the evening getting Rex to “help” prep dinner with me.  And as he’s eating more and more, and pretty much whatever we’re having, I’ve loved watching his face as he tries various new flavors.  We joke that he has my palette as opposed to my husband’s because he likes the most random of foods (that I’m into)–like snacking on garbonzo beans (he even likes the lemon and mustard salad dressing I make to dip them into), dates, smoked salmon, Indian food and spices, and tofu drizzled with coconut oil just to name a few.

So this is mid-30s…  passionate about where my food is coming from and what I’m feeding my family.  And when it comes to feeding my boys, it’s almost like a game to see how many veggies I can sneak into their meals without them knowing.  Omg did I admit that too?  Also grocery shopping is admittedly one of my favorite activities to do with Rex because taking him along with me to the Co-Op is fun for both of us… so it feels like a win, win.  So while I don’t meal plan for the week per se, and I typically run back out mid-week for whatever is inspiring me as far as a main dish… here are the top ingredients in my grocery bag each week along with a few of my go-to no fuss easy to make dishes of the moment (all Rex approved!).  Now you have to share some of your go-to weekly dishes as well!  We’re talking like those 20 minute meals because that’s my weekday mom-style.

Grocery List  |  A few staples I buy each week

Mixed Greens (I load up on the organic arugula and spinach in the bins at our Co-Op as I have a salad almost daily for lunch, and sometimes again with dinner)

Cilantro, Green Onions + Leeks (my faves for flavor, I like to add chopped green onions and cilantro to everything, and grilled leeks with a little olive oil seems to make my grain bowls so much more flavorful).

Japanese Sweet Potatoes (very, very obsessed with these!  I make a batch at the beginning of the week and slice them up into salads, grain bowls, or just eat on it’s own as a snack etc.)



Bananas (for Rex’s morning smoothies!)

Additional Seasonal Veggies + Fruits

Dates (my dessert of choice!)

Almond Milk (whole milk for Rex)

Coconut Oil + Olive Oil (if out–the very best and locally made olive oil: Cobram Estate)

Brown Rice


Proteins (Eggs, Salmon, Chicken, Tofu)

My Weekly Grocery Staples (And Go-To Recipes)

A few super simple dishes and weekly recipe staples |

Veggie-filled Grain Bowls–at the beginning of the week I make a big batch of brown rice (make whatever grain is your favorite) to use throughout the week.  Around here we call my bowls “crazy bowls” but basically it’s a bowl of whatever seasonal veggies and a protein.  I’ll make them Asian, Indian, Thai, Mexican themed you name it.  Flavor is the key and I always like mine spicy or just super clean with just a drizzle of olive oil and salt / pepper to taste.

Coconut Oil Carrots–coconut oil on everything right?!  I steam carrots with a drizzle of coconut oil and Rex is all about them.  Me too!

Baked Sweet Potatoes Drizzled with Olive Oil–again, I can’t even tell you how obsessed I am with the Japense varietal.  It’s kind of embarrassing.  Look for the purple skin, and they’re white inside.  I bake mine for about an hour with a little olive oil or coconut oil.  So delicious!

Arugula Salad Creations–I’m the queen of salads and bowls.  I throw everything in the mix, whatever is seasonal.  Always usually with arugula which I know isn’t everyone’s favorite as it can be bitter for some but I love it.  Lots of avocado, garbonzo beans, capers, green onions, radish for flavor… and my lemon juice and mustard seed vinaigrette.  Also lately I’ve been making caprese salad with those delicious orange cherry tomatoes that are in season right now, plenty of basil and those mini mozzarella balls in an effort to get Rex to eat tomatoes.  Yum!

Lemon Mustard Vinaigrette–my go-to dressing that I make fresh almost daily: fresh squeezed lemon juice, mustard (I like the seeded mustard!), olive oil and mix.  Rex loves it so much he even dips his quesadillas into it.

Teriyaki Baked Salmon–baked salmon is another crowd pleaser around here with the boys.  It’s so easy for me to whip up, and I just use that Trader Joes Soyaki sauce.  The key is to let the salmon marinade at least an hour before baking.

Lentil + Veggie Quesadillas with Green Chile Salsa–Rex’s fave!  I’ll add chicken for T.

My Weekly Grocery Staples (And Go-To Recipes) My Weekly Grocery Staples (And Go-To Recipes) My Weekly Grocery Staples (And Go-To Recipes)

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