a slower (sweeter!) start to the day with rex

New Year, New (Slower) Routine

A new year has meant a new, much slower, routine and… it’s been surprisingly refreshing.  Last week as everyone kicked 2017 into high gear I came to the realization that things just won’t be anywhere near my old pace anytime soon (or ever again?).  It’s not my personality to move this slow and it’s easy to feel anxious about everything that is left undone (AND I’ve admittedly already been feeling the FOMO [fear of missing out] on things that I just can’t make it to right now with Rex) but accepting my new pace and living in the moment has made me realize nothing else really matters.

a slower (sweeter!) start to the day with rex

Rex and I have fallen into a new little morning routine that I’m savoring this week.  As someone who was worried about giving up their morning “me time” pre-baby… turns out playing with Rex instead of answering my emails is a much better start to the day.  Who would have guessed? ha!

Every day he’s more and more alert and aware of his surroundings.  He’s constantly staring up at me with his big blue eyes and when he smiles it just melts my heart.  I have a much better understanding of his cues now and have quickly realized he’s definitely more of a morning person so taking advantage of this time to really linger in bed, read, snuggle, and stare out the window (his favorite activity) has been kicking my day off with the sweetest start.

a slower (sweeter!) start to the day with rexa slower (sweeter!) start to the day with rex

He’s been really into these high-contrast flashcards from my girlfriend Mia’s adorable online shop: bitte.

a slower (sweeter!) start to the day with rex

A few of you have asked me, “but how are you really doing?”  It’s for sure been challenging and exhausting, but it’s also been the best.  We’re still not getting a lot of sleep but I’m hoping in the next few weeks as he gains more weight he’ll be able to sleep in longer chunks.  We figured out a game changer for us this past weekend after Rex was waking up every 20 minutes freaked out that he wasn’t in a tight womb anymore, and we put his Dock-A-Tot in the cradle.  So far it’s worked like a charm!  And now I’m really going to sing the Dock-A-Tot’s praises where before I was still so-so on whether is was worth the $.

a slower (sweeter!) start to the day with rex

We’re working on Rex’s Eat, Play, Sleep schedule which has given me a better understanding of when my “me time” fits in.  And as someone who definitely needs my me time, gaining a better understanding of how long I have to grab coffee with a girlfriend or read a magazine before he’ll wake up crying has been nice.  Although of course babies aren’t totally predictable… like while snapping these photos and he had a complete melt down.  Hey, at least his crying face is pretty gosh darn cute too.  And we have soothies (his pacifier) to save the day!

a slower (sweeter!) start to the day with rexa slower (sweeter!) start to the day with rexa slower (sweeter!) start to the day with rex a slower (sweeter!) start to the day with rex a slower (sweeter!) start to the day with rex

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