how to cleanse your house with sage

Sage Cleansing Ritual

I came home from a couple of days spent in San Francisco to our kitchen completely torn apart (hooray, one step closer to moving in!). To celebrate that the renovations are finally happening, my guy and I spent some time over there on Sunday evening doing a little work and rounded out the weekend saging the house. Saging (or smudging), for those who aren’t familiar, is an ancient Native American cleansing ritual performed to remove any negative or stagnant energy from a space. While this home has a sweet history and the previous owners were amazing and loved to throw parties–a.k.a. good vibes throughout–it was a fun little ceremony to symbolize and commemorate that the place is now officially ours. Our first house!! I googled around a bit to read up on how to best perform this ritual, and while we didn’t take it too seriously here’s what we did do.

how to cleanse your house with sagehow to cleanse your home with sage

The Look | Cyn Jin Pants (Syllabus).  Paige Denim Tank.  Isabel Marant Sandals.

how to cleanse your house with sage

We used the sage we brought back from our trip to Santa Fe this past spring–a fun memory in itself.

how to cleanse your house with sagehow to cleanse your house with sage

First we opened all of the windows and doors. Next, light the sage and blow it out as it starts to smoke. We walked through every room (each of us holding a sage) sending the smoke into every corner, closet, and backyard as well. We set intentions and made affirmations–mainly just saying how excited we are for all of the memories that will be made here!

how to cleanse your house with sage

After going through the entire house, room to room, we put out the sage in water. I currently have them on display on our coffee table back at our apartment at the moment, but I think it might be sweet to bury them in the backyard. Any thoughts or suggestions here for those who’ve done this?

how to cleanse your house with sage

I’m sure that once the renovations are complete and our furniture is in, it will finally feel like home but I have to say I really enjoyed doing this ritual because it truly made the house feel more like ours.

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