Setting the Table: Mixing Old With New

I’ve always loved mixing older antiques and family heirlooms with newer finds, especially in the home, but have recently been on such a kick again incorporating thrifted and vintage finds with my newer homeware and my ceramics.  If you’re heading to grandma’s house or Aunt Becky’s over the Thanksgiving holiday, when setting the table tomorrow grab for their china, crystal, and heirloom pieces to incorporate on table.  The more mix-matched the better in my book!  I’m also crushing on floral and patterned napkins that necessarily don’t match but then totally, unexpectedly works!  Play around and have fun with it.  And as you’re going through your Nana’s collection or sitting around the table, the sweet family pieces are a great way to bring up stories of the past.

Elsie Green vintage glassware, floral dishes, flatware and napkins.  Heath Ceramic dinner plates.  Thrifted and Jenni Kayne bud vases.  Thrifted candlesticks.


I love the mix of crystal and vintage dishes with ceramics.  A combination that I wouldn’t have thought would work until I put them together the other day.  Also, I love eating with pretty flatware (these are from Elsie Green which has quite the assortment!)!

Break out all of the delicate, etched glassware which always makes sipping from feel extra special.  All of the glassware and vintage glass pitcher and ice bucket were also all finds from Elsie Green.

I keep finding crystal candlesticks that aren’t a match when thrifting and actually really love the various heights together.


Tip:  Chalk Hill Chardonnay is sure a crowd pleaser.  I try to always have a bottle on hand for impromptu occasions and will be bringing a couple of their bottles, including their Estate Red, to Thanksgiving this year at my parents’.


Photography  |  Stephanie Russo

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