How I’m Staying On Top of Our Never Ending Laundry

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Welcome to our laundry room.  The only room in our house we have not touched or remodeled.  It’s our hodgepodge catch-all room that is usually overflowing with boxes, strollers, miscellaneous extras and of course, piles of laundry.  I cleaned things up for you to show off our new Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry… a gift from Samsung, that has seriously helped me stay on top of our seemingly never ending laundry piles.  Life with a baby!  Actually if I’m being completely honest, my husband and I weren’t the most organized, picked up, on top of our laundry situation pre-baby so adding Rex into the mix has just made our disorganized world that much crazier.  Thankfully a part-time nanny helps as do our new washer and dryer too!

It’s actually really amazing how much time our Samsung FlexWash and FlexDry save me.  Because now, both our washer and dryer units are actually two washers and two dryers (in one).  Yes, it’s amazing–we can wash two loads of laundry and dry two loads of laundry all at the same time. With two individually controlled washers and dryers in the same units, you can run two kinds of washes / drying cycles with different settings and options.  I love it, especially for keeping Rex’s things separate from ours as well as washing delicates in the top portion while washing heavy duty items like towels and sheets in the lower portion.

The FlexWash and FlexDry have larger lower wash / dry spaces, super speedy cycle times, are energy efficient, the FlexDry alerts you to clean the vent, and so many other high-tech features that you don’t even realize you’re missing out on until you have them.  You can read more about them here.

Another bonus, wi-fi connectivity–these are smart products!  I admittedly forget this is an option but my husband uses this functionality all the time.  It is pretty cool that you can remotely monitor the remaining cycle time, receive alerts when a cycle is complete, and schedule cycles all from your smartphone.  He’s a little anal when it comes to pulling items out of the dryer right away so they don’t wrinkle so he is a big fan of this alert.  Now if only they could make a machine or some kind of technology to make the physical flip of moving the clothes from washer to dryer happen…


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