The Healing Power Of…

28 July

The title of this post really should actually be “the healing power of floral arranging, baby giggles (specifically Rex giggles), and girlfriends” but that was getting a bit too long.  Oh and cheese.  Because that’s always my first indulgent craving on a hormonal or emotional day.

June and July have been tough months for me (and my family).  There have been a lot of tears, lots of personal days needed, and lots of Rex squeezes needed.  Losing loved ones just isn’t fair.  It’s never easy, and especially hard to understand when someone is taken from you suddenly.  It’s easy to paint a pretty picture online but when one of your best friends tells you she has no idea how much you’ve been hurting and are stressed as life looks amazing on Instagram, it really hits home.

I recently took a yoga class that was so good for the soul.  Not only did I sweat more than I had in probably a year, but the message beforehand really resonated with me.  Our teacher spoke about turning grief into positive energy to share with others.  To be an example of strength so we can all help each other through the difficult times.  Which is why I’m finally sharing this post.  I keep having very similar conversations with a number of my friends dealing with grief, questioning their career path, struggling to balance mom-life and work,… to get pregnant, and I’ve found a sort of comfort in the fact that we’re all going through these hard times together.  This is life, and life sometimes really really hurts.

Thank goodness for flowers, and babies, and Friday afternoon picnics… but most of all thank goodness for those people in your life that give you the strength to get through those hard times.  They are my true healing powers!

Whenever I’m really stressed out there are a few things I turn to to recenter, and one of my most favorite ways to really get my zen on is making floral arrangements.  I loved how these wild-like blooms turned out!  A morning picnic with two girlfriends, plenty of snacks and Rex to keep us laughing as he played with the flowers and took a big bite out of the peaches, was just what I needed.

On Me |  The Great Tee.  Re/Done Jeans.  On Rex |  Onesie from Midland.


I don’t know if Rex has ever been happier.  He sure loved playing with these.

Cheese spread–the assortment I picked up from Fisher’s.

Photography | Susan Yee

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